All You Need To Know About Polygel Nail Kit With UV Light

Polygel Nail Kit

There’s really something about having beautifully manicured nails. As they say, there’s no better feeling than getting your nails done. It improves your mood and it says everything about you!

Whether you wish to have long or short nails, there’s nothing like getting a manicure—or giving yourself a great pampering nail treat. We all know the traditional nail polishes, acrylics, gels, and even the popular options like dip powder nails, there’s one nail option that you simply may have yet to become acquainted with: it's the PolyGel nails.


This all-in-one easy-to-use POLYGEL NAIL STARTER KIT is the new talk within the social media beauty world! That’s how popular these polygels are! 

Double Dips Polygel nail has

- Easy nail extension ⁠

- Stronger than normal nail gels and polished⁠

No tips needed⁠

- Healthier nails⁠

- Last up to 4 weeks⁠

    Polygel may be a nail enhancement that is best described as a hybrid formula that mixes the longevity of acrylic nails and therefore the flexibility of gel nails. These polygels are commonly sold in tube-like packaging and maybe a mixture of acrylic powder and clear gel.

    Polygel also features a putty-like evenness that's extremely easy to place for application and shape, which everyone is talking about and love!

    Polygel may be a substantial nail enhancement these days! It offers nail tech professionals the time and capacity to sculpt and build their most desired nails.

    Polygels in fact, if applied and removed correctly, are excellently safe for your nails. It's often considered safer than other nail improvements like acrylics. There are no chemicals emitted into the air during this process. But bear in mind that for some, especially for beginners it is best that doing Polygel nails should be practiced with tons of product research and patience to achieve the beautiful manicure that you want!

    Polygels are known to have a gel-like density that comes in a collection of different colors just like regular nail polish. The gel is applied using an acrylic nail brush and can be applied over your natural nails, tips, or even to false nail forms. Once you have achieved your desired shape, the PolyGel nail is cured with a UV Lamp or LED light.



    Are you unfamiliar with the whole procedure? Well, we got you, babe! Here’s a brief look at what to look for if you're planning to book an appointment for a PolyGel manicure or try to do one for yourself at home.

    1st step: Nail preparation

    Alike to gels, the nail tech will prep your natural nails by making sure they are free from any dirt or polish. They will file and buff your nails so that there is no left residue or shine to the nails.

    2nd step: Applying the PolyGel

    The nail technician will apply the PolyGel formula to your nails using a tiny brush. This will be placed within the center of your nail, starting with a little bead or ball, like they might with acrylic.

    3rd step: Flatten the formula

    Using a nail brush dampen with a special solution made specifically for PolyGel, the nail technician will even the product out so that it covers your entire nail until the shape is achieved. The gel can be formed to create any nail shape, whether you like almond nails, round, square, or coffin shapes.

    Wanna know some different nail shape ideas that you can do with your dip manicure nails? Check this link out!

    4th step: Curing the nail. 

    When the PolyGel is in place, the nail tech will have you place your nails under an LED or UV lamp for about 30 seconds. Depends upon the style that you want to achieve. The nail tech can also redo the preceding steps to apply another color to your nail, such as a white tip.

    5th step: Filing and shaping.

    It's not complicated to do this step because PolyGel is known to be much softer than other nail enhancements. So the nail tech doesn’t need to make use of an e-file to shape it. A hand file will get the work done, smoothing out any bumps or uneven areas, also helping define the form that you simply want.

    6th step: Applying the finish.

    Whether you want a shiny or matte finish, the nail technician will apply a top coat to seal in the PolyGel and add your preferred finish.

    7th step: Curing the nail. 

    Once again, your nails will go under a nail UV lamp to cure. Unlike gel nail polish, PolyGel shouldn’t leave behind a sticky layer on your nails, so after curing, you’re done and good to go!

    Last step: Applying Cuticle Nourishing Oil. 

    The last and probably the most important step. Having a perfect manicure will never be possible if you haven't moisturized and given your cuticles some love! A good Cuticle Nourishing Oil like Double Dip Cuticle Nourishing Oil – #6, really does the job and completes your manicure. Nail techs can offer some quick pampering hand massage using this nourishing oil or a lotion too!



    Similar to dip powdered nails, PolyGel has been circulating our social media feeds for a handful of reasons, but one stands out in particular: So with the proper care and application, a PolyGel nail manicure can last up to three weeks or about 21 days. Amazing right?



    Is PolyGel one step ahead of acrylics?

    In some ways, yes! Since PolyGel nails don’t harden until they've been cured under a LED or UV light, they are way better than acrylics. What about gels? Well, PolyGel nails are alleged to be stronger than a gel manicure. Generally speaking, the formula is meant to merge the things we know and love about gels and acrylics and get rid of the aspects we don’t, occurring in an option that’s sturdy and fine.



    One most valuable reason why you should have your own Polygel kit is that it's not only beginner, user-friendly nail enhancement but it is also budget-friendly and does not ruin or damage your natural nails. Of course with the proper application and removal, no need to worry about harming your natural nails. 

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    Do you want to revitalize your nails or give yourself some pampering salon-like manicure look without the price and stress of going to the salon, or do you wish to do your nails in your own style at the comfort of your home?

    Get this Double Dips All-in-One Polygel Kits NOW to achieve a stress-free dipping manicure experience!

    Here at Double Dip, we provide a pleasing set of colors that you can select from, sculpt, and set your mani with the UV LED lamp which is a must-have for a beautifully salon-like manicure.

    You don't need to purchase individual tools, because these polygel nail kits have everything you need to make your nail manicure art at the comfort of your home! 

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