How to Apply Chrome Powder

How to Apply Chrome Powder
Chrome application steps:
Apply a base coat, and cure it for 30 seconds under an LED manicure lamp.
  *Some nail artists also recommend coating the skin around your nails with white school glue or liquid latex. This will make cleaning up your manicure easier, because all you have to do is peel the glue or latex off.
Add two coats of  UV-gel polish, then cure it.  Apply your first coat, then cure it for 30 seconds. Apply your second coat, then cure it for only 15 seconds.
Remember to coat the tips of your nails too!
You can use any color you want, but many people find that black works best.
Use a sponge eye-shadow applicator to tap on the powder. Don't worry if the powder doesn't look smooth. Simply dip your foam applicator into the powder, and start tapping it onto your nail. Start from the cuticle area, and work your way down towards the tip.
Apply a no-wipe top coat, and cure it for 30 seconds. Once your nails have cured, you are ready to rock them!

Commonly asked questions about chrome application.
Q. After the color is cured, do I put the powder on the sticky layer?
A. Yes, that's where you put the powder.

Q. Do I have to use the LED light?
A. Yes, it is best to use the LED light.

Q. What is the difference between base and topcoat?
A. The base coat is for under nail polish and usually repairs the nail enamel, while the topcoat is stronger and tougher, aimed towards preventing scuffing and breakage.

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