Steps on How to Achieve the Perfect Professional Dip Manicure

Steps on How to Achieve the Perfect Professional Dip Manicure

Want to have the perfect looking Dip nail manicure like your favorite influencers without overpaying at the salon? Lucky for you have a wonderful tutorial video and detailed steps for you to follow along to so you can become a nail dipping master. 


Steps to apply:

1. Push back your cuticles with a wooden cuticle stick or metallic cuticle pusher. Buff the entire nail surface. Make sure every part of the nail surface has been buffed and removed of cuticle, dirt, and oil, especially around the cuticle area. This will help prevent lifting and allow for your nails to last you for longer.

Optional step: If you want to ensure that your nail set can last you for a longer period of time or if you naturally have very oily nail beds, applying our nail dip liquid  #1 Bonder after you prep your nails will allow the powder to adhere stronger to the nail surface. #1 Bonder dehydrates the nail bed from the natural oils of your nails. (You can use rubbing alcohol instead as well if you do not have our #1 Bonder)

2. Next, apply a thin, even layer of the #2 dip base bottle.

Optional step: Applying a dip clear base powder. Dip your entire nail into dip base powder at a 45-degree angle. This is a good step for nails that are medium-to-long as it helps to thicken the nail and avoid breakage.

For short nails, the clear dip base powder would not be required as it can make your nails thick and unnatural, depending on the color dip you plan on using.

3. Apply another thin layer of the #2 dip base bottle.

4. Dip your entire nail into your desired color at a 45-degree angle. Dipping at a slight angle and in slow, steady motion will allow for the powder to apply smoothly on your nail. If you apply too thick and dip too fast, this can result in clumping/ridges of the powder.

    *Another good method is using the sprinkle method to apply the color powder. Instead of dipping your finger into the powder, sprinkle the powder on top of your nail bed will result in a smooth and natural finish as well.

    *If you find that you polished on your cuticle and have gotten powder on the cuticle area, use our wooden cuticle pusher can help clean around the edges and creases for a cleaner, polished look

    5. Repeat steps 3&4.

      In general, for short nails, 3-4 coats of dip powder would be sufficient to allow for your nail to last around 2 weeks and longer. Medium-to-long nails may need 4-6 coats of dipping powder and this will depend on the length of the nails and how often you use your hands.

      6. Apply a generous coat of activator and wait for it to dry (make sure to tap the nail and make sure it has hardened nicely).

        If the powder still feels soft when you touch or file, be sure to add activator again to make sure it is hard and firm. This will ensure that powder has bonded properly and will adhere.

        7. File nail to the desired shape.

          8. Using your buffer or nail file, buff the nail until it is smooth.

            9. Apply another thin coat of activator. For short nails, you may wait 30 secs to 1 minute. Depending on how thick or long your nails are, wait a longer time of 2-3 minutes to ensure all of the activator has dried on the nail surface.

              This step is important. If the activator does not dry completely, this can make it difficult for you to apply your topcoat. Activator has a drying agent which allows the dip powder to set. If the topcoat touches the activator before it has completely dried, it will harden your top coat brush.

              10. Apply a thin layer of our #4  topcoat on the entire nail.

              11. Wait 1-2 minutes for it to dry.

              12. Apply another thin layer of #4 top coat.

              Note: If your topcoat hardens at any time, be sure to stop the application when you see it getting hard and clumpy. Applying with a hard and clumpy brush will result in a non-glossy, rigid finish.

              Your topcoat brush may have been contaminated with the activator and you will need to either switch the brushes with one of the replacement brushes or soak the brush in our #5 brush cleaner.

              Once a top coat brush has been contaminated, avoid putting it back into the topcoat bottle as it can contaminate the entire top coat bottle. Switching to a new replacement brush will allow you to continue your topcoat application and finish your set.

              If you wish to save the topcoat brush that has hardened, you can use our #5 brush cleaner to clean the clumpy top coat brush. The #5 brush cleaner cleans the resins and powder from the brush, so your topcoat brush can then be reused again.

              If you still see that your topcoat is not glossy enough for your dip set, you can apply a third coat of the topcoat, and allow 2-3 minutes for your set to dry. 

              13. After our #4. The top coat has dried, apply cuticle oil around the nail to nourish your cuticles to prevent dry skin and hangnails.

                *Michelle’s helpful tips* 

                You can apply a layer of liquid latex around your nail, so that you can easily remove any nail product you may have accidentally gotten on the edges. You can probably find liquid latex on amazon, but using Elmers glue is a quick and cheap alternative.