Guck, My Topcoat is sticky, help!


You're doing your nails then all of sudden you notice your topcoat has gotten goopy or in worse cases has turned rock hard. Trust us we know how frustrating that can be. No worries, in this article we will try and assist all your topcoat worries.

Failure of removing excess powder

Let us start with why do liquid brushes get harden in the first place? How do you prevent this?

1. Failure of removing excess powder.

1a. Excess powder on the nails will consolidate on the brush and over time, harden the brush. After each dip, the excess powder needs to be removed with a soft brush. Simple taps will not be enough to remove the powder properly.

2. The brush comes into contact with Activator #3.

2a. Any time the brush comes into contact with the wet Activator, it will immediately get harden. This occurs most often with the application of Topcoat. To prevent the brush from hardening, allow Activator #3 to dry for 30-60 seconds. Use a dry lint-free wipe to remove excess product.

2b. The angle of the brush can also contribute to its hardening. When applying the Topcoat, the brush should be more parallel to the nails. This prevents the bristles from coming into contact with the Activator #3. Use fewer strokes to apply the Topcoat.

      I did all the precautions but my brush still managed to get a little bit sticky. What can I do now?  The best thing you can also do is invest in a brush cleaner!! You will need to soak brushes in the Brush cleaner for 5-10 minutes at the end of each treatment to make sure brushes are clean and no product residue is left. The base and topcoat is a glue type polish and it will harden if left on the brush. You can also use alcohol swabs to further cleanse brushes if needed.

      *A handy tip if you don’t have a brush cleaner on hand –soak in acetone for 10 minutes.

      *result may very

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