Nail Dip Powder Design; How to

powder dip nails

"There's a reason why Pinterest searches for powder dip nails were up since 2018. They last for weeks, they don't require exposure to UV light, and the finish is nice and matte. And even better: You don't have to be restricted to just one color. 

In case you're still wondering about the difference between a gel and a powder manicure, it all boils down to the process. “With dip nails, you’re essentially getting a basic manicure in the sense that you pick the color, and a base coat is applied, Your nails get dipped in a powder made from silica, which has a dust-like texture. After that, your nails get sealed with a topcoat. Once the powder dries, you’re free to top your base with designs and embellishments, like usual, Marton explains.

It might seem like it'd be difficult to add designs to a powder-based manicure, but luckily, it’s no different than any other nail art process. It actually saves a few minutes compared to gel manicures. “I use acrylic paint, brushes, and dotting tools. I sometimes use polish and stamping plates too,” nail artist Meagan Braiman says.

Ahead see the simple, chic, fall-inspired powder dip nail designs that you'll want to show your nail artist at your next appointment. 

Deep Ombré

dip the nail in the lighter color first, brush off the excess powder

Braiman says that powder does all the work for a look like the above, done by Five Stars For Your Nails. "I like to dip the nail in the lighter color first, brush off the excess powder, then I reapply the base liquid and tap the darker color at the tips or base with a fluffy eyeshadow brush," she explains.

To finish the nails, "I take the lighter color and put that over the rest of the nail. I brush off the excess again and apply base liquid again  it creates a gentle gradient with the desired colors."

Glitter Accents

Braiman notes that you can create a glitter nail design

Braiman notes that you can create a glitter nail design, like this creation, by dipping your fingertips in a personal container of glitter while the polish is still wet. Or, have your nail artist brush some sparkle on one your layer of powder dip has dried, sealing with a topcoat.

Gold Flakes

gold-based powder

Achieve this look by mixing a gold-based powder and sprinkle it wherever you desire.

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