Proper Nail Storage Care

proper way to care for and store your liquids

How can you increase the longevity of your products? Well, to start off, you will want to store it correctly. Continue reading this article to find out the proper way to care for and store your liquids to keep them good during those cold winter months! In addition, you will learn the importance of why you need to store your products the right way and some helpful tips and tricks! 

Crystallization (Acrylic Care)

  • What is crystallization? Typically, when you apply the acrylic powder to your nails, you end up with a nice and smooth finish. However, when the products get “crystallized”, it results in a coarse and harsh looking finish. 


  • How does crystallization happen? When you use a liquid monomer to pick up a bead to place on your nail, you typically want the liquid-to-powder ratio to be about 1 ½ : 1 or 2 : 1. Either way, you would want there to be more liquid in comparison to powder as this results in the best finish for your nails. During cooler weather, the powder tends to dry at a faster pace than the liquid and your bead ends up not being as saturated as you would like it to be.
  • How does crystallization affect my nail? Other than its aesthetically pleasing look, having crystallized nails means that your nail will be more susceptible to breakage. As a result, it will become very weak and may even break down when you start to file and buff to shape and even out your nails. 
  • What causes crystallization? Crystallization happens when the products get too cool. The ideal temperature for products to be used at is room temperature or around 68° to 75°. If you can, you can also crank up the temperature to around 80°, but don’t go much higher or you may risk damaging the chemical components of your products. If your product has been stored in a cold room, please heat up the room/the products for about an hour before using it on your nails. Keeping your environment at the appropriate temperature range is very important to keeping the product working correctly.
  • How can I prevent crystallization? In order to stop your nails from crystallizing, make sure that all of your products have been properly warmed before trying to apply it to your nails. Your room, products, and most importantly, your nails, should all be room temperature before attempting to begin your application process. If you have left your products in a cold room overnight or for a few days while you wore out your old mani, that’s completely fine! Make sure to warm up your room and let your products sit in there for at least an hour before attempting to use them. This will allow the temperatures of the liquids and powder balance out with the temperature of the room. In addition, make sure your hands or your client’s hands are also the appropriate temperature. Even if everything else is room temperature, the acrylic bead will still end up crystallizing if it touches a cool surface. Please do NOT try to microwave your products in order to try and speed up the heating process as it can lead to the breakdown of chemicals in your products. As a result, your products may not work the same when you use it because its chemical composition has been tampered with. 

Dip Powder Care

  • How should I store my products? The best way to store your dip powder and liquids is to place them in a cool and dry place. Make sure that it is far away from moisture. This is not as important for your powders, but is very vital to keeping your liquids healthy and functioning. Failure to keep outside moisture from entering your liquid is what leads to infections and fungi forming on your nails and fingers when you’re trying to complete a mani set. 
  • How does moisture affect my liquids? Unlike the acrylic powders that are dry, dip powder liquids already provide a nice and moist environment for bacteria to thrive in. Bacteria do best in dark and damp environments which is what you will be giving them by storing them in a room that’s filled with condensation. Bacteria is very good at reproducing at a rapid speed and spreading. By placing your liquids in an environment that is very susceptible to bacterial growth, you are leaving it exposed to dangerous pathogens that could travel to your bottle and infect it. After the liquids have been contaminated, if you were to apply it to an open wound on your fingers or nails, this is what leads to fungus and infections.
  • How does temperature affect my liquids? Pathogens tend to survive better in nice and warm environments. It allows them to move freely and reproduce at a faster rate. In comparison, when the temperature gets too cold or too fast, they start to die off. In cooler temperatures, bacteria tend to move slower which results in them reproducing at a very slow rate if they even reproduce at all. On the other hand, having a really high temperature will lead to the enzymes denaturing and killing the bacteria. It may be uncomfortable to have a very hot room so a chilled environment is more recommended; however, chilling bacteria does not kill them, it only stops bacterial growth so it is important for you to prevent bacteria from growing in the first place. Storing your products in a mini fridge meant for beauty products may be an ideal place for convenience and ease. Do not store your products in the fridge with your other goods like food and drinks as this may lead to contamination. 
  • How should I care for my products during application? In contrast to when you are storing them, you want your products to be at room temperature when you are applying them to your nails. (around 68° to 75°). Dip liquids and powder work best at this temperature. 
  • Can my powders be contaminated? When your products get contaminated, it’s usually the liquids and not the powders. Due to the dry environment that the powders have, bacteria have difficulty thriving in such a place. If the powders do happen to be contaminated, they would most likely die within a few hours because of the harsh surroundings. On the other hand, the liquids provide a nice and moist environment that bacteria like to live in.
When caring for your nail products, no matter if it is acrylic or dip powder, it is best to store your products in a cool and dry place in order to prevent bacterial contamination. However, once you begin to use the products, please make sure that it has been heated up to about room temperature for the best possible results. Make sure that the heating up process is slow and natural, do not try to microwave your products as this may lead to damages to your products. Make sure that it has been properly heated up a few minutes before usage. 
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