NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Nail Gel Line Art 12 Color Set

We can’t stop thinking about these trendy spring-summer nail art designs or manicure inspirations that we’re seeing all over social media. 

Luckily we have this all-time favorite Nail Gel Art 12 color set that will help you discover your own nail artist self and make your manicure experience more enjoyable considering the fact that a lot of us are still avoiding having salon appointments for the meantime, due to Covid19 pandemic.

Nail Gel Art 12 color set

Nail Gel Art 12 color set 2

Channel your inner artist with Gel Nail Line Art 12 Color Set! 12 ultra-pigmented gel paints with full coverage and a brush designed for precise and steady control. 

Vivid color gel paint for nails art - 12 rich colors gel nail art paint helps bring alive the most epic designs that you can think of and maintain your nail art for up to 4 weeks

High-quality gel art paint for nails kit - not too thick, not too runny, just the right texture so you can embrace your creativity and make your nail decor a truly satisfying experience

High-level precision - the ultra-thin brush provides you with the most precise and steady control to create the most complicated nail decorations

The right ingredients - gel nail art paints are vegan, cruelty-free, low odor, and non-toxic. Can be used for polygel nail, dip powder nail, acrylic nail decorations

No hassle - can be cured under UV nail lamp under 30 seconds, and easily soaked off with nail removal liquid

Here are some nail manicure designs that you can do at home using the latest Bellavena Gel Line Art!

latest Bellavena Gel Line Art

latest Bellavena Gel Line Art 2

latest Bellavena Gel Line Art 3

Six easy to do Gel Nail Tip Extension Application Steps

Step 1: Prep and clean the natural nail plate ready for application

Step 2: Apply a thin coat of dehydrator, air dry for 30 seconds

Step 3: Apply a thin coat primer, air dry for 30 seconds seconds

Step 4: Apply a layer of the gel glue, and then cure under UV/LED lamp for 1-2minutes

Step 5: Apply a layer of the gel glue underside of the gel tips, and then press the tip onto the natural nail

Step 6: Cure the nail under UV/LED lamp for 1-2 minutes

Step 7: Apply your favorite gel polish/nail polish coat

 Step 8: Seal the nail with a gel topcoat. And cure under UV/LED lamp for 1-2 minutes

And that’s it, you’re done!


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