It’s the season to bring festive and trendy cheer to your fingertips!

Put up the tree, sundeck the halls, cue the carols and get ready for the awful time of the time!

Oh, and don’t forget to click that obligatory picture of you holding your red Starbucks mug it’s the stylish way to show off your new Christmas manicure.

Do you need some nail inspiration? Then we have prepared the best Christmas manicure to add a redundant sparkle to your holiday cheer.

For your comfort, these dip powders are all available to be purchased with just a few clicks! So, if you notice something you like, just click over the links to purchase. Happy shopping!



1. NU00 - Nude In The Desert

For this festive season, take this one Christmas color as inspiration, you’ll never go wrong with this stylish and unbeatable nude dip powder!




2. GD003 - Brush of Blush

A bloody deep powder with a hint of shimmer is all you need! Make these nail colors work for the Christmas season, and for any holiday in between! It’s truly one of the best holiday manicure combinations, regardless of the season!




  1. CP020 - Pinch Me

This season of love, your nail art can be of any color and any type of nail varnish. However, sometimes it can be quite nice to stick with the classic Christmas colors, really sticking to the roots of Christmas just like this beautiful Limited Edition color that is surreal!




4. CP021 - Spring Queen

This elegant and sophisticated dip powder is the perfect nail color inspiration to try this Holiday season. We know that pink is not a traditional color for the holidays, but this nail color is the exception - timeless and classic!



  1. CP026 - Mesmerized

Let’s all be mesmerized by this dip powder! Create your own personal unique nail manicure using this newly released dip color. If you’re aiming to have a sweet and chic manicure this Christmas, this is your sign to get this color!




6. CP027 - Sweater Weather

Here’s another ideal dip powder that you don’t want to miss out on this Holiday season! Achieve a stress-free and dreamy Christmas manicure this Christmas that will last up to 3 weeks, with the help of this sparkly dip powder!



7. MD002 - Let's Go Party

We all know that sparkly and winter-themed manicures are stunning for your Christmas dinner parties! So what are you waiting for? Complete your holiday ootd’s with this pretty nail color!



8. MD003 - Flora

For a stylish and festive Christmas nail this season, aim for an eye-catching dip color! You can style this with your favorite holiday stickers or try to create a minimal Christmas tree nail art using our Gel Liners. It will surely look luxurious and cute at the same time!



9. MD005 - LaaLaa

Bring the merry manicure this holiday season straight to your fingertips! If you’re having a head time choosing a nail inspiration this holiday season, why not pick a happy yellow color that would bring good vibes this merry season? Perfect for short to almond-shaped nails!




10. MD009 - Hot Girl

Even with medium-sized to long nails, you can opt for nail-art simplicity and still send a message of a merry holiday spirit. In this stunning dip powder, you can be able to wear this to any other time of year, it may not feel like a holiday look, but if worn in December, the purpose is pretty clear.



11. MD010 - Vibing

If you're the person who doesn't want to channel Santa Claus or reindeer this Holiday season into your manicures, consider this super simple yet chic dip powder! It's excellent for anyone who adores a slightly noticeable way to celebrate the Christmassy season.



12. AG04 - Silver Star

The simpler the manicure is, the easier it is to customize for any season or holiday. Minimalist manicures can simply work for the Christmas season by exchanging your pink dipping powder for gold or brown. Seal it with a nice base coat, and you’re ready to show off!




13. 001 - Charlie's Angel

Red and white are just a few of our Christmas color favorites that will always evoke a Christmas vibe, and there's so much room for rendition. But how about sticking to a plain and classic all-white manicure? It's timeless and fresh, the best fit for your glitzy and glamorous Christmas outfits and accessories!





14. 1367 - Rich Oasis

As long as you have the perfect green shade and the Essential Dip Liquid Kit, you can easily create an alluring manicure for Christmas—or, honestly, any month of the year.




15. 1308 - Galaxy

An ombré glittery manicure seems like just another lovely mani any other time of year, but it has a magically snowy feel around the holidays. Dress it up a little for holiday parties by adding some rhinestones or nail art of your choice to perfect your entire Christmas party look!





The Christmas timepiece is ticking — while that generally means changing the perfect gifts for everyone on your list, decking the halls, and indulging in gleeful delectables, as beauty suckers, we can’t help but suppose about glamorous party outfits, make- up aesthetics to try, and of course — gleeful manicures. These gorgeous Christmas nail art designs are guaranteed to buck up your mood and complement any party look.

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