4th of July Manicure Ideas: Patriotic Colors and Trendy Designs!

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate our country’s independence and party like there’s no tomorrow! It’s the best time of the year to show off your patriotism, so don’t hold back in showing your love in whatever way you want. However, if you’re not a big fan of fireworks and dressing up in the typical Independence day getup seems a bit on-the-nose for you, you can always try out a subtle but stylish nail manicure design. Here are some simple but elegant thematic nail art designs you can try out for yourself with a dip starter kit. They look great when paired with the right outfit.

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Star-Spangled Dazzle


Let each nail on your finger tell a different story with this nail art design. The theme of this design is the star-spangled banner itself - how’s that for patriotism? Start with a red dip powder and clear glitter on your thumb and pinky, then use a silver pigment for the nail on your middle finger. In addition to navy blue dip powder and clear glitter, we’ll also be adding star decals on the nail of your index finger. For the piece-of-resistance, use pearl white dip powder for your ring finger and decorate it with a US flag sticker.

Star decals

Star Flakes Nail Decals


Fireworks in Your Fingertips


A fireworks thematic is what you’re going for in this asymmetric design. You can use ballerina gel nail extensions for this design to get best results. Use pearl white dip powder pigment for your index, middle, and ring finger, then blue pigment for your thumb nail and red pigment for your pinky finger nail. Add some sparkling clear glitter for your middle finger and pinky. Star decals can be used to decorate the nail on your thumb. Red and white dotted stripes is what you want for your index finger. Finally, fireworks nail wraps on your ring finger is what’s going to top off this nail art design.

The Patriot

Try out this simple, yet expressive nail art design using a simple red, white, blue color gradient with a starry finish. Dip nails are perfect for ombre nail designs such as this, because it is much easier to apply than gel and acrylic polish. Start by using a blue pigment on your thumb and a red glitter pigment for your pinky. Next, apply some snow white dip powder for your middle finger. Now for the fun part: Start with the same snow white dip powder nails for your index and ring finger, then cure it.  Once it hardens, apply another layer of dip liquid, then dip your index finger halfway on the blue dip powder vertically. Make sure the blue side faces your thumb. Do the same for the ring finger, but this time use the red glitter, making sure that the red side faces your pinky finger. As a cherry on top, apply a single star-shaped decal in the middle of each of your nails.


Final Thoughts

No need to go through all the trouble with pyrotechnics and exaggerated 4th of July decorations. You can show off your love for the good United States of America with these simple nail art designs. You only truly need one dip powder kit, the right combination of colors, and some supplementary nail art decorations, so it’s very easy to do on your own. But why stop there? Let your creativity shine with your own unique nail art manicure using these designs as a template. Your imagination is the limit!



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