Back-To-School Fun And Easy Nail Designs

The next academic year is right around the corner so it wouldn’t be long until you’d need to say goodbye to the summer outings and late-night parties. Not to worry though, because although the days of carefree fun are about to come to a close, that doesn’t mean you have to give up some style points. Whether it’s out having fun or getting busy with some homework, we have a few back-to-school nail designs and autumn nail ideas that’ll keep you looking your best. We picked these designs not just for their general aesthetic appeal, but for their simplicity and subtlety too. So pick up your do-it-yourself nail kit, prep those nails, and let’s go back to school in style.


Mini Gel Tip Kit


Undercover Fashion

Speaking from experience, not all schools or universities are lenient with the way their students and faculty staff dress up, so it can be difficult sometimes to wear an eye-catching manicure without also attracting some unwanted attention from hallway monitors, and school counselors, or people who are just plain judgemental. That’s why we’ve come up with some simple nail designs that can give your nails a fresh and vibrant look without straying too far from what unpolished nails look like. The trick to this design is using pastel dip powders like peach nail polish color that resembles the natural color of your nail beds while also making them look cleaner and more polished. You are free to add some decor, but try to keep it to the minimum.


Alma White


20-Beige Pink, French Kit, Solid Color, Almond Shape, Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Nude, Pastel 4


Alma White


20-Beige Pink, French Kit, Spring, Almond Shape, Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Flowers, Design, Pastel 1


Sahira Recinos


20-Beige Pink, 024-Fairy Cotton, 585-Peachy Bells, 568-Weekend Warrior, French Kit, Classic Starter Kit, Spring, Almond Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Design, Pastel 2



642-Bunny Nose, 484-Sugar Swizzle, Spring, Round Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Design, Pastel 1


Autumn Leaves

Autumn Glitter Maple Leaves Sequins 12 Mix Colors

We’re going to use red, brown, or gold nail polish color to resonate with the color of the crunchy autumn leaves that litter the ground during this time of the year. These go great with almond or flat gel nail extensions which can really accentuate the design. But to truly be called a definitive autumn nail design, we need to add some seasonal nail decals or foils. For specific designs, we highly recommend maple leaves or some friendly forest critters. It can also be as simple as a few white strokes to resemble a gust of wind. For a fun and creative way to apply these manis, try applying fall dip nails. They’re some of the most unique ways to get a manicure right now!

Courtney Cooper



517-Rust And Onyx, CP016-Treasure Box, Coffin Shape, Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Fall, Autumn 2


Leslie Buckley


401-Pumpkin Spice, 710-Fortune Cookies, 1400-God's Masterpiece, Brown, Coffin, Long, Natural, Nail Stamp, Glitter  (1)


Simple French

French manicure nail designs are the epitome of simple but sophisticated. They are incredibly easy to apply and  are usually one of the first manicure techniques that nail technicians learn. You can wear them without attracting too much attention, but still get a compliment or two from someone who knows what they’re looking at. All you need is some white nail polish on the tip of your nails and some clear nail polish to top the rest of your nails off. You can even do this with a nail dip starter kit, albeit requiring a bit more finesse and a couple of trial and error to get satisfying results.

If you are new to French nails here is a simple tutorial for you: How To DIY French Tip Dip Powder Manicure Tutorial

Feeling a little extra? Try double French tip nail: Easy Double French Tip Nail Tutorial | Mini Gel Tip Kit


Annette McGinty


14-Pinky Pink, 4-Soft White, French Kit, Spring, Coffin Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Design, Pastel, Nude and White




Classic Colors

If you don’t want to go overboard with your manicure and just want an easy nail design that you can do in your spare, or while reading some reference material, we recommend plain solid colors. Don’t sleep on these nail designs because they look too mundane. After all, there’s beauty in the simple and plain too! Our personal favorites are pastel colors because of how soft, neat, and peaceful they look on your hands. They’re also preferred even by schools with strict dress codes for usually the same reasons.


Kate Winter


001-Charlie's Angel, Solid Color, White, Coffin Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Classic 1



471-Snowflakes, Round Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Solid Color, Blue 2


Brianna Rumble


645-Smoke Embers, 526-Brown Sugar, Coffin Shape, Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Solid Color, Classic, Coffee Theme 2


Final Thoughts

Experiment with your manicure and let your nails be a canvas for your creativity. You may be limited to a handful of options in how you can design your nails, but that has never stopped any great artist from producing masterpieces. But remember, you should also give your nails a break in-between manicures, especially if you are using a UV light lamp to cure your nails. If you are ever in need of new ideas for your manicure, you can always check out our latest blogs. We hope you have a nice and fruitful school year!

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