Basic Nail Drill Maintenance That You Should Know

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Why Is It Important to Maintain Your Nail drill?

Whether you are a professional nail tech, a salon owner, or an aspiring nail diva who does her nails at home, we all know how nail drills play an essential role in one's life's economy. Nail Drill may be a precision instrument that has emerged in recent years. A good precision instrument is usually not cheap, and it's essential to the upkeep of the Nail drill.

Below are some basic but important keynotes on how to maintain a nail drill handpiece, nail drill bits, how often to do it, and how to deal with faulty machine situations. Just keep on reading babe!

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How are Nail drill handpieces maintained?

Make sure to dry all parts!

Be sure to dry and disinfect each and each part before use. Each drill part should be thoroughly dry before being replaced. Try putting all of your file parts in their separate container in order that they won’t touch other dirty objects, then that you simply always know where they're.

  • Use a fine cloth or toothbrush to clean the dust and debris from small crevices

  • Hold your device carefully and steadily without bending the handle. Keep a record of the angle the drill’s cord is sitting.


Don't use lubricating agents on your drill.

It’s useless to use lubricating agents on your drill. Commonly, nail drills are created with self-lubricating bearings. Extra oil can cause too much heat which can wear down the machine and produce it to overheat.


Always confirm you unplug the electrical file before cleaning it. 

Being extra careful with your Nail Drill is a must! Don't allow any non-professional to touch your nail drill and that involves any family member especially the kids, and non-technical workers within the salon because it's likely that their interest and irregular operations will make the machine to be disabled. As they say, it's better to be safe than to cure.


Maintenance about nail drill bits

Make Sure To Hygienically Cleanse Your Bits

It apparently looks like a pain to always cleanse your drill bits, but trust me, clean tools hygiene may be a great way to practice once you are learning the way to use a nail drill. Make sure to sanitize your nail file bits before and after use, whenever you operate it. This is very true if you're getting to be using the electrical file on quite one pair of hands!


Use A Toothbrush To Remove Built-Up Debris And Dirt

Scrub the dirt off your drill with a little brush – a toothbrush may be a great choice during this quiet situation! Then, you’ll need to clean the parts with soap and water. If the debris contains nail enamel, you'll even soak the drill bits in acetone for a couple of minutes.


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For Mechanical Fault

Be extremely delicate to the operation of your nail drill because there are many precision parts within the handle. You can't see the vulnerable parts. It means you have to feel whether the sound of the nail drill is different compared to before.


Ask these questions:

Is the vibration louder than before?

Is the heat more serious than before?


These different user experiences should arouse your attention. We don't suggest that users try to fix it immediately.


The correct way is to chop off the facility in time, then contact the nail supplier or manufacturer. If the fault isn't clear, we don't suggest users attempt to repair the Nail drill by themselves. Under normal use, the most important explanation for damage to the handpieces is that dust enters the handle and damages the bearings and other precision parts.


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Final Conclusions:

One of the foremost important parts of maintaining your nail drill is having it checked by a knowledgeable electrician annually. While your drill could seem fine on the surface, the electrical parts within can become loose, noisy, and dirty. You should never await a problem to arise before bringing your nail drill to an electrician for a check-up. A regular nail drill check-up consists of the handpiece being removed and cleaned on the inside. Dust and field nail debris build up within the machine, which can cause it to run poorly and make strange sounds. 

If any parts need to be replaced or if you need any help with regards to your Nail Drill, feel free to send us a detailed email immediately (please include your order number, full shipping information and a photo/video of your nail drill to further investigate the issue) at and a friendly customer representative will investigate and be happy to assist you!

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