The Basics of Dipping with Double Dip

The Basics of Dipping with Double Dip

Hi Double Dip Babes!

We made this video tutorial for you guys to be able to easily apply our dip powder even if you're a beginner!

Please scroll pass the video for written instruction


Step 1. Prep your nail. (File + Buff) - Brush off the dust and use rubbing alcohol to clean the nails' surfaces


Step 2. Apply a thin coat of GEL BASE. (Red lid)


Step 3. Immediately dip the tip of the entire nail into clear base powder (dry 30-60s).


Step 4. Brush off excess powder.


Step 5. Repeat the step 2 - step 4 with your choice of color powder to get the effect you want.


Step 6. Apply one layer of ACTIVATOR (Yellow lid) (dry 30-60s).


Step 7. File + buff the surface of nail til smooth.


Step 8. Apply another layer of ACTIVATOR and wash your hand to remove all the excess powder and allow your nails to dry fully.


Step 9. Apply a thin coat of GEL TOP (blue lid) (dry 30s).


Step 10. Apply another thin coat of GEL TOP (even layer) + wait till completely dry (120s).


*Pro Tips: To increase the longevity of your nails, make sure the finish coat will cover the tips of your nails to encapsulate the nails. Tutorial videos are always available for your preference.


*Note: After each dip, please clean your brush with the Brush Cleaner (Green Lid) to get more usages of the Dip liquid Set. If your Top Coat brush gets hardened, please soak it in the Brush Cleaner until it gets softened.


*Update: We just uploaded a Pro Tip Tutorial Videos. Please see our Tutorial section on our website for the video.

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