Can a Dip Powder Starter Kit Harm Natural Nails?

Can a Dip Powder Starter Kit Harm Natural Nails?

Before going further, what are dipping powders? Are they high-quality? Or are they toxic? Most importantly, are they safe to use for your natural nails or skin?

There are plenty of questions about these trendy nail dipping powders, but no worries! This article will help answer all your concerns, so keep on reading below.


What are dipping powders?

Dipping powders are colored acrylic that uses nail resin to adhere to the nail. Basically, the dipping powder system is a technique where you use nail resin to dip your nail into a color powder of your choice, it adheres to your nail and then you apply a clear nail resin to seal and shine. 

This system can strengthen your nails and is a good alternative to acrylic and gel polish which can be damaging towards your natural nails or skin. Acrylic can be rough on your nail bed and the monomer can make the enhancement very difficult to remove from the natural nail. With gel polish, all gels require a UV lamp to dry which can irritate and be dangerous to the skin if used for a prolonged amount of time.

Because the dip systems require no UV and are less damaging to the nails with the use of resins, it is a great healthy alternative for anyone interested in getting nail enhancements. The results can make for longer-lasting manicures that remain chip-free for up to weeks or even a month! Now that’s a plus!


Are dipping powders toxic?

Dipping powders are generally safe to use but there is one thing to look at when making sure you are getting the best products for your nails. Look to see if your dipping powder brand is 10-free of the 10 most common toxic chemicals found in nail dipping powders. 

Those that are 10-free are the cleanest and safest dipping powder products you can use for your nail health. By using 10-free products, you not only protect yourself, but others and your environment from being exposed to harmful chemicals normally found in cheaper dip powder brands.


Can dipping powders ruin or damage your nails?

Dipping powder is often cited as safer than gels since they do not need to cure under a UV light. And in comparison to acrylics, because nail resins are used instead of monomer, dipping powder is a lot safer and easier to remove. Therefore, dipping powder is less damaging towards the natural nail in terms of nail removal.

"Dipping powders are briefly weakening to the nails as the sealing layer of your nails is broken in the method of this type of manicure," said Josephine Allen, a nail professional. 

Dipping powders also tend to temporarily dry the nails. But like all nail enhancements, this will occur during the nail prepping stage in order for any nail enhancement to adhere to the nail. For any nail enhancement, if you are properly doing your nails which suits you best, and with lots of patience, you won’t have to worry about anything! 

Practicing and researching more about dipping powders will help you to experience a smooth, fun, and hassle-free dipping journey!


Important tip:

In order to prep acrylics or dip powders onto the nail, you will need to slightly buff the nail surface with a fine-to-medium grit file/buffer. This friction is what allows your nail enhancement to adhere longer onto your nail bed.

Otherwise if your nail bed is too smooth, the nail enhancement can chip or pop off. Be sure to lightly buff. If you are rough with your nails at this stage, this method can result in weakening your natural nails which makes them more prone to cracks and breakage.



Double Dip provides high-quality, at-home best dipping powder starter kits which contain everything you need to create beautiful nails! They are PETA-approved to be vegan and cruelty-free. And most important of all, all our powders are 10-free of the most common chemicals found in dipping powders. Therefore, you can guarantee these powders are very safe and healthy to use! 

The powders and the liquids are formulated perfectly together which makes them very easy to apply. Not to mention, our powders are very fine and smooth with very well-pigmented colors. That means you don’t need to apply more than one coat to get the shade you want, one dip is enough!

They are the best long-lasting, at-home dip powder nail kits you can find with salon-quality performance. So easy to work with and an endless color selection given from DoubleDip. Powders and liquids are beginner-friendly and so the liquids do not emit a strong smell like others either. This is great for people who have sensitive skin or dip flu! 

 As they say, women who invest in themselves go further. In other words, it’s never too late to focus on yourself. Invest in the things that make you happy and one of those is doing your own nails at home!


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