Cinnamon Apple- September Limited Edition

This beautiful limited edition color was thought of because all the different glitters and tones represent all the changes fall has to bring us, the warm tones of orange and reds all come together to make a perfect fall harmony. We would like to thank Sol for helping us give this color the name it deserves. When asked why she thought of cinnamon apple she told us this” When I saw the color I immediately thought it had the rich dark amber color of Cinnamon Apples with brown sugar filling that we always bake into our apple pies around Thanksgiving. My top favorite dessert!”. We posted asking everyone what this color should be and her color name resonated most with everyone, you all came together and made cinnamon apple happen. Thank you Sol and thank you to all our double-dip babes. 

Cinnamon Apple - September Limited Edition

Cinnamon Apple - September Limited Edition


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