Did You Experience Lifting When Using a Polygel Nail Kit?

Polygel nail kits are quite a bit new to the nail care industry. Up until now, even some nail professionals are not too familiar with these Poly gels yet. However, if you're a manicure goddess, giving these new babies a try is not bad at all! Aside from it’s more convenient to apply, it is packed with loads of advantages if applied and maintained perfectly!

Normally, if you’re doing your own manicure at home, especially if you're a beginner, mistakes can happen and that's okay because as they say, practice makes perfect! 

In today’s article, let's discuss polygel nails and give a few maintenance hacks to keep those poly gel nails from popping off! 


If your polygel nails keep popping or lifting off, they may have been applied wrongly, and that’s a total bummer! We don’t want that.

This problem firstly occurs with the slip solution that has not been totally dry before applying polygel on the nails. If it’s not hundred percent cured then the polygel will cause it to pop off. A Poly gel manicure that is not entirely dry will lead it to lift around the edges of your nails first.

Here at Double Dip Nails, we gather some potential reasons as to why your polygel is not sticking to your nails. 


Before applying the polygel, you should scratch your nails gently so that the basecoat adheres to your nails flawlessly.


After buffing your nails, it is a must to use a good dehydrator to remove the oil from your nail plate. If you don’t have a dehydrator then use acetone instead. Acetone is a must-have, for a DIY manicure!


Use a great nail primer after this and then apply a thin layer of base coat just on your natural nail. Primer is a must! It makes a lot of difference.


Now apply the polygel and give it a good cure. Then apply the top coat and cure it as well. Always make sure to cure a bit longer than what the instruction slip advises. 


Take your time to pick the correct dual forms. Bear in mind that it’s an advantage to choose the right dual forms or gelly nails that fit your nails or you can choose the bigger size, which you can trim and resize.


Throughout the whole procedure, avoid touching your face or hair, thus this will grab the oil on your skin surface and the polygel will not stick properly. 

Some nails may need to be roughed up a bit more than others. If you are utilizing a 180-grit buffer or a fine sanding band and you are experiencing lifting, try using a 100-grit file or a medium sanding band to draw up the nail surface. 

Don’t go coarser than medium, nevertheless, that would be way too coarse for the nail surface. Many folks won’t encounter lifting when using a regular 180-grit buffer to prep, but if you observe that you are regularly having problems with lifting or nails popping off, using a rougher grit to prep the nails will most probably solve the problem.


Final conclusion

If your poly gel nails keep popping off, hold responsible for it on the wrong application or lack of nail prep. Prepping your nails before doing your manicure is the most essential key for a long-lasting and durable poly gel nail manicure.

Always make sure your nails are away from any water and oil before you buff the nail bed fully. Make the bed a bit rough. This will really give assistance to the poly gel to stick to the nail better. 

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