Dip Powder Manicure versus Gel Manicure

Dip Powder Manicure versus Gel Manicure

Dip Powder Manicure

Having a gorgeous manicure pulls a look together and it has been a huge part of our beauty routine for as long as we can think of, and up until now, we’re still discovering new and better ways to give our nails some treat. For a durable manicure solution, many of us are confused about either gel or dip manicures. But what’s really the dissimilarity?


No worries! Double Dip Nails has the answers! So, in this blog, we’ll be sharing the basic yet important things that you should need to know about these two trendy manicure techniques.


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Let's start with the Gel Manicure

Basically, a gel manicure uses UV LED lamps and a special polish to give you a very glossy finish. Gel polish is the newest and growing nail fashion trend in the nail social media industry. One of the reasons, it hardly chips and it's low maintenance. 

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To get a thorough view of the system.


How long does Gel Manicure last?

Based on research, the majority of the people will get a gel to replace or redo once every two to three weeks if they allow the polish to come off naturally rather than chipping it away.

Now let's talk about, the Dip Powder Manicure method

dipping powders

I mean each one of us aims to have an everlasting mani. Well, then these dipping powders are for you, babe! Not only is it affordable but you will surely enjoy the different varieties of colors from vibrant to dark, neutral nail colors that will last longer than you thought! Your nails will feel extra sturdy thanks to its formula!

A dip manicure is a combination between a real manicure and fake nails. Most dip manicures require your nails to be dipped into colored dipping powders or acrylic kit instead of sealing them in with a UV light.

We all know that excessive use of UV Lamps can harm our nails. So that's a plus for the dip powder method!

Dips are thinner than a gel manicure and don’t certainly need to use any special tools.

Here at Double Dip, we made sure to offer and create Cruelty-Free best long-lasting at home dip powder nail kits that are approved by PETA, budget-friendly, and that are best for beginners and professionals!


So how long does a dip manicure last?

A properly done dip manicure will last anywhere from three to four weeks, which is just somewhat longer compared to a gel manicure.

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So in the duel between dipping powder and gel nails, which one is better? The answer is: It is based on what your customer is aiming for, or what you really want to achieve for your nails. For nail technicians, it’s best to know your customers very well, and for those people who want to do their nails at home, take your time to decide. 

No worries we have tons of blogs posted on our website to thoroughly help and guide you with your dipping journey!


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