Dip Powder Nails Lifting at Cuticle? No Worries, We Got You

dip powder nails lifting at cuticle

Hello 𝒷𝑒𝒶𝓊𝓉𝒾𝑒𝓈, going throughout the week and notice some nail lifting happening? Lifting occurs when dipping powder doesn’t properly adhere to the nail. As with lifting of all types of enhancements, this issue starts from the prepping stage of the service. No, worries here some steps you can take to help prevent this from happening. The nail bed must be free of debris and moisture to ensure proper adhesion.


dip nails lifting after a week

Take extra time with your prep steps if you find your dip nails are lifting. Use a cuticle remover tool to remove any dead skin from the nail plate. I like to use a buffer to lightly buff the surface of the nail; it gives just the right texture to the nail surface to promote adhesion. So by adding friction to your nail bed, your dip set can adhere better compared to a smooth nail surface. Be sure to buff the entire nail bed, including the cuticle area after your cuticles are pushed back. Follow with a bonder to dehydrate the nail before applying the base.


how to prevent dip nails from lifting

Now that you’ve prepped your nails, you’re ready to start the dipping process! There are a few precautions you can take at this stage that can help prevent premature lifting. Be careful not to apply dipping liquid outside of the nail surface, always avoid touching the cuticles. Be sure not to apply a nice layer of #2 Base around the cuticle area as it may run to the crease of the nail that touches the skin... It's easy to rush the Base... and since they go on clear, it doesn't seem like a big deal. But it is! Taking the care to apply these layers precisely will save a lot of grief later on!

Mistakes happen. 


how to keep dip nails from lifting

So if the Step 2 Base happens to get on the fingers or cuticles, use a cuticle pusher to clean around the cuticle area, or if you really want to make it last simply remove with acetone and start over. As nails grow out with the dip powder applied on the cuticles, it will create a gap between the powder and the natural nail surface. This gap is what we call lifting of the nail which can further allow skin, dirt, water, or oil to enter, causing it to lift even more.


how to stop dip nails from lifting

If you’re following these steps and still running into challenges with your dip lifting, please feel free to contact us at support@doubledip.com We are happy to help!


dip nails lifting


So how to keep dip nails from lifting?

Part of why nails pop off is that your natural nail is like an old cellulose sponge. Ever notice how when they're wet, they're plump and, when they're dry, they're all shrunken up, hard, and brittle?

We might not notice this is often happening to our nails, but it's. Dipping powders can really hold well until you're taking a shower and washing your hair. Then you'll start to urge lifting. We expect this is often because the nail itself is minutely swelling and shrinking, making the adhesion around all of the sides begin breaking down.

So here are a few things that you simply can do.

You can keep applying oil to the cuticles and underneath the side of the free edge a day therefore the nail is plumped up and saturated with oil all the time. Oil and water don't mix, right? So it helps to stop that wet/dry cycle from ever happening. If your nails are well hydrated it's alleged to protect them from water. I do know that seems like the other way around--especially when actually applying the enhancement, but there are many people that swear by it including Kristine from Simply Nailogical on YouTube.

Wear gloves any time you recognize your hands are going to be within the water for quite a 20-second washing. So if your fingertips appear as if prunes, what's happening to your nails, right? Seriously others think about using thin exam gloves to scrub their hair. If you've got curly/dry hair, you simply have to wash it once a week. A number of us are terrible about remembering to place oil on our nails--but once you DO remember, it really does work!


How long does Dip Manicure last?

Dipping powders last up to 2-3 weeks or more in real-life use, especially if done correctly. Some also can last up to 18 days before it's ready for a change. It's often longer or shorter. Amazing right?

Dip manicures are alleged to last 3 weeks, but they'll even last up to a month or more relying on the extent of at-home care after the treatment is applied.

Tips to have long-lasting beautiful nails that you SHOULD take note of!

Always ensure the cuticle area has been prepped as clean as possible alongside the remainder of your nail bed. Having a prepped nail bed, removed of excess oil, allows for the dip powder to stick longer on the nail bed. Oil or dirt residue left on the nail bed would cause the powder to not adhere also to the natural nail.

Also, if the powder was applied too thin, they also tend to return off faster. Counting on how long your natural nails are, 2-4 coats is the average amount of coats for dip powder to last sufficiently on the nail. Applying multiple coats will increase the longevity of your nails, especially if you're employed tons together with your hands. Four coats are what I might recommend for brief to medium natural nails, lasting about 2-4 weeks.

Lastly, make certain to use the clear base dip before dipping the color powder and punctiliously polishing the colored powder on the nail bed without touching the cuticle. The clear base is what really helps the nails to remain on. And avoiding polishing on the skin or cuticle would scale back the danger of nail lifting and breakage.

The step-by-step process of doing all of your nail dip manicures is basically an enormous deal! If you're being extra careful or doing it right it'll actually stay but if not, then you would possibly miss out on something together with your dipping techniques or with the method. We believe that we've our own style or technique to realize flawless long-lasting nails without chipping or damaging your natural nails. But as they assert, practice makes perfect! So just persevere there!


Have no fear, Double Dip got you covered! Double Dip's best nail dipping powder starter kits provide top quality yet budget-friendly products that are proven and tested to last long on your nails! We even have informative and easy YouTube video tutorials that are best for beginners for the right at-home dipping manicure.


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