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Affordable salon look, done at home by you!

Are you wanting to achieve that perfect DIY professional manicure at home? Well, no worries, now you can! Our starter kits offer professional manicures by putting the techniques, supplies, and tools in your hands so you can skip going to the salon while saving lots of time and money.
Dip nails don’t require any UV curing. You get the color by applying a sticky base coat, dipping your nail into powder, applying an activator coat, and then a shiny topcoat in a regimented set of steps.

There are 12 steps to applying dip nails, but don’t go, keep reading, It isn’t complicated & most of the steps are very quick. You want to follow the directions to the T for the best results. This entire process only takes about 1 hour.

Prep – Sanitize hands and push back cuticles.
Remove shine – Using 150 grit file, remove shine from nails.
Pro Base – Apply a thin layer of liquid #2 Base using even strokes from base to tip.
Dip – Dip finger in powder using a scooping motion and tap off excess dip powder.
Repeat – Perform steps 3-4 again to each nail. Each nail should have 2 coats of powder.
Activator – Apply a generous amount of #3 Activator on all ten fingers covering the edges and capping the tips of the nails. Let dry for 2 minutes.
Shape – Shape nails with a 180 grit remove excess powder from the cuticle area.
Buff – Smooth out nails with buffer, then rinse hands with water (no soap).
Activator coat 2 – Apply a second coat of #3 Activator, wait one minute. Gently wipe dry with a lent free cotton towel
Finish topcoat – Apply #4 topcoat. The first coat should be applied using 2-3 quick brush strokes. Don’t worry about getting close to the cuticle area or capping the edges.
Finish topcoat– After one minute, apply a second coat of #4 topcoat. This coat is a slower & more detailed coat. Do not over brush (could harm the overall shine). The manicure is dry in two minutes.
Moisturize – Apply DoubleDip Nail cuticle oil after nails have dried for two minutes.

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