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dip powder ingredients

Nail Dip Powder Ingredients

Hello beauties, have you ever been doing your nails and stopped and pondered why do I need to do this step? why did my brush get sticky that one time? Should I be doing my nails outside? Keep reading and learn a little bit about our products and the safest ways you can be doing your nails. It is good to be knowledgeable about the products you are using on your nails and in our home.


dip powder activator ingredients

Let's start with our #1 Bonder used to dehydrate the nail bed during the prepping stage. The ingredients used in the bottle are as followed:

  • Ethyl Acetate

  • Methyl Proply

  • Ketone

This is the first step to prepping the nail and ensuring that all the layers stick easily. This product can help your nails last longer. This will allow the powder to stick cleanly on the nail bed and make for a tight seal between the dip powder and nail surface.
This is a great product for people who want to be meticulous for nail preparation or for those who tend to have oily nail beds. The consistency of the product is similar to alcohol, so it can easily evaporate or leak. Be sure to carefully close the bottle tightly to avoid losing the product.

Our #2 Base Coat is used to apply on the nail so that the dip powder can adhere to the nail bed. The ingredients used in the bottle are as followed:

  • 2-Cyanoacrylate

  • Ethyl Acetate

The base coat was made so that the adhesion would be strong between the dip powder and the natural nail. If it touches the bonder or activator, it will harden the brush and will need to be placed into a brush cleaner for reuse. The product is a nail-glue type formula and there is product left on the rim of the bottle, closing it too tight can cause the bottle to be glued shut. A way to prevent this is by cleaning the rim of the bottle after every dip application before closing the top.
The result of not being meticulous when using this product can lead to some complications to your dip application. Three problems seem to be common when dealing with the base and top coat:

1. The liquid will become thick and sticky.

2. The brush will become hard.

3. The whole jar will be glued shut.


Dip Powder Activator Ingredients

Our #3 Activator is what makes the dip powder set to dry completely and become hard and strong. The ingredients used in the bottle are as followed:

  • Ethyl Acetate

  • Methyl Propyl Ketone

  • Methyl Isobutyl Ketone

  • N-N dimethyl-P-toluidine

It is what seals the powder altogether. Without the activator, the powder will not be as sturdy and the topcoat will not dry. The consistency of the product is similar to that of acetone and alcohol. It can easily leak and evaporate. Make sure to close the bottle tightly to avoid losing the product.

Our #4 Top Coat is made to adhere strongly to the powder and seals the dip powder for a long-lasting set. The ingredients used in the bottle are as followed:

  • 2-Cyanoacrylate

  • Ethyl Acetate

The topcoat is applied twice for it to be fully glossy a third coat is recommended for a more glossy finish. It can be sensitive to the activator to allow for quick dry and natural finish. Be sure to allow the activator to dry completely before putting the topcoat on. If the activator is not dry, the topcoat will harden and can clump. Do not place the hardened brush into the topcoat bottle as this can contaminate the rest of the product. It can cause the product to be gooey or become clumpy.
be sure to clean the rim of the bottle before closing the bottle. Because it is similar to nail glue in ingredients and chemical composition, they are prone to drying out and very sensitive when other products are introduced to them. The result of not being meticulous when using this product can lead to some complications to your dip application. 


nail dip powder ingredients

Our #5 Brush Cleaner is a solvent that breaks down dip resins and nail glues. The ingredients used in the bottle are as followed:

  • Nitroethane

  • Butyl Acetate

It is used for cleaning brushes in between and during dip applications, and this is what will help make your hardened brushes to become soft again. It cleans leftover powders or resins so that you can reuse your brush for a clean and better dip application.
Having a clean brush allows for more consistent dip application, longer brush life, and better business practices if you choose to do dip services for clients. Brush cleaner is strong enough to clean powder residue in between brush follicles, but it is also gentle enough to protect bristles from drying or falling out. Regular use of the brush cleaner solution will vastly extend brush life and greatly minimize the spread of bacteria into your other products.

Our #6 Cuticle Oil is used at the end of your dip application for rejuvenating your cuticles after it has been dehydrated from your dip application. The ingredients used in the bottle are as followed:

  • Carthamus Tinctorius,

  • Seed OilC

  • Sweet Almond Oil

  • Canola Oil

  • Jojoba Seed Oil

  • Coconut Oil

  • Fragrance

  • Vitamin E

Carthamus tinctorius (safflower oil) is non-comedogenic and contains anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin.

Sweet almond oil contains vitamin E, vitamin A, essential fatty acids, proteins, potassium, and zinc. It is very safe to use on all skin types such as dry, sensitive, and oily skin. It contains many vitamins and nutrients and is considered a mild, hypoallergenic oil. It is also non-comedogenic and absorbs very quickly.

Jojoba Seed Oil and Coconut Oil contains an extra boost of moisture for the skin. Jojoba oil contains antioxidants and is deeply moisturizing. It also helps to promote collagen synthesis and speed up wound healing. It is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Coconut oil is made up of a unique combination of natural fats, which is great for treating the skin. It contains high levels of lauric and caprylic acid and these acids are anti-fungal, antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antiviral. This makes coconut oil ideal for treating sensitive and irritated skin.

Vitamin E has skin-softening and anti-aging benefits. It’s an antioxidant and fights against the effects of free radicals produced by toxins in the environment.


dipping powder ingredients
And last but not least our fabulous Dip Powders The ingredients used in the jars are as followed:

  • Titanium dioxide

  • Benzoyl Peroxide

  • Acrylic Ester Polymer

Dip powders are basically acrylic powder used in a different technique. It doesn’t have a strong odor like standard acrylic normally has. Dip powder is an acrylic powder used for bulk and strength. Dip powder sets use a nail resin (nail glue) to adhere to the powder, unlike acrylic powder sets which use a monomer to adhere to the powder.

Clear Dip Powder- Used as a base and or Top to seal that perfect manicure, Having  a clear dip top also helps with the buffing process making the color underneath look as beautiful and pigmented as possible; also when working with glitter, it's vital to include a clear dip on top so you buff the clear coat and not the glitter. 


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