Easy Spring Medium Length Mint Dip Powder Manicure



What are Dip Powders?

The dip powder nail technique entails dipping the nail into colored powder or applying the dip powder onto the nail itself, followed by the application of a clear sealant on top. Done well, your manicure will last longer and be chip-free for weeks up to a month.

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What are the tools?

starter kit

There are a lot of tools and products when it comes to Dip Powder Nails. Starting with the products, the most essential and key products involved are as follows: 



For more technical tools, it is essential to have the following:


How to apply?

Step 1: Prepping your nails

First, to prevent any future damage, it is important that you prep the nails, ensuring that it is free from dirt and oils. This ensures that you have a clean surface for your dip powders to work around. Once your nails are clean, apply two layers of base gel polish, preferably with a peeling base for quick and easy nail removal. The purpose of the base coat is to help the nail tips bind with your natural nails.

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Step 2: Applying Nail Tips

Miniluxe gel tip kit

Apply Dip Base #2 generously to the inside of the nail tips and carefully apply them to your natural nails one by one until it holds firmly. If it’s too long for your preference, you can always use specialized nail clippers to shorten the nail tips to your liking. Once it’s firmly in place, you can then proceed to reshape the edges however you like before proceeding to apply another coat of base #2 for the initial layer of the dip powder.


Step 3: Applying the Dip Powder

23 - nude

23 - Nude


653 - Green Charm

653 - Green Charm

Aim to apply the base from underneath where the nail tip meets the natural nail before proceeding to dip them. Once you have applied the base, carefully dip your nails into the dip powder of your liking (a good color to start with is #653 Green Charm to complete the peachy color of #23 Nude Nail), after the dip, just tap off the excess back onto the dip powder container. During this step, it is up to you how you want to arrange the colors as creativity is highly encouraged during this step!


If you are applying dip powder on shorter nails, a good trick is to use a cuticle remover to scoop the dip powder and pour it onto the nails. Otherwise, it will be difficult to dip it with such short nails. However, if you are planning on longer nail tips, then you can just get away with dipping them directly. 

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 Mermaid dust brush

Using the mermaid nail brush, you can brush off the excess powder for a cleaner and tidier surface to work with. This prevents lumping when applying another coat of base. Remember to cover a bigger area of the nail than the previous layer when applying a new layer of the base. It helps to slowly build up the dip powder layers when applying a second coat of dip base. This is a good way to strengthen the foundation of the nail tips to prevent them from breaking. It is also worth noting that if you have shorter nails, you can get away with fewer layers. For longer nails, a good 5 layers are enough for a strong and durable nail.

 clear dip powder

Another pro tip would be to use a clear dip powder for the final layer to really bring out a good shine before the final shaping and adjustments.


Step 4: Applying the Activator


Double Dip Activator – #3: Drying Liquid and Sealer

Once you are satisfied with the dip powder application, you can now generously use the activator to bond the layers together. The activator helps strengthen the layers and allows you to properly shape and file the nails. Once all dry, you can use a professional portable electric nail file for faster filing (it is ideal to use a fine-grit sanding band for a smooth surface). Make sure to use a normal file while handling the edges as you have more control over the filing underneath the edges for a smoother finish. If your applications aren’t too lumpy, you can get away with just a buffer to smoothen things.


Step 5: Nail Art and Add-ons

rhinestone set

butterfly decal kit

Once you are happy with the length and edges, you can now use the Bellavena base coat, in order for you to start the nail art. Once you have done the art, you can top it off with the Bellavena top coat for that extra protection. Before curing the nails under the UV lamp, make use of the rhinestones to give your nails that extra sparkly effect. You can gracefully place these rhinestones using a rhinestone picker for ease of use.

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Finishing Touches

It is well to note that even after the curing, you can still add some sequins to your nails for additional designs. Just make sure to apply another layer of top coat to seal it. Once it’s all said and done, you can now cure it again under the lamp and the viola! You now have a stunning set of Dip Powder Nails! To end it all, make sure to use a sufficient amount of Double Dip Cuticle Nail oil to rehydrate your nails (that extra step of rehydration goes a long way for the health and color of your natural nails).



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