Easy Thanksgiving Nail Designs To Recreate in Salon or At Home

Hi, Thanksgiving!—is finally here. Are you tired of searching for Manicure ideas for thanksgiving or what color should you paint my nails for thanksgiving? I mean, yes, duh.

Buckle up and get ready to boost your festive level.

We are here to help you get inspired to do your own nails at home! From easy minimalist, graphic designs and gorgeous nail colors? We got you Babes. Below are the cutest handpicked, Thanksgiving nail colors inspirations to copy!

Angel Duran double dip

Angel Duron

Instagram: @angelic_nailz

710-Fortune Cookies


Help, this nail look won Thanksgiving. A proof that any brown-toned manicure can work for turkey day, this 710-Fortune Cookies feels simple yet statement-making.


jackie brag diy nail kit

Jackie Bragg

Instagram: @braggsie_dipnails

1336-Moonshine Lake, 401-Pumpkin Spice


Glittery and trendy? Oh yes! This stunning manicure is an unexpected perfect combo for your Thanksgiving holiday overall look, that for sure everyone will notice!


pastel nail dip powder

Caitlyn Harvey

Instagram: @dipnails.by.cat

613-Dusty Peach, 494-Sun Kissed


Try the equally beautiful, yet significantly more straightforward, gradient or ombré nail trend. Just pick a mix of peachy, orangey shades, dip one on each nail from light to dark, finish with a shiny top coat, and boom—you're set for Thanksgiving!


nail design kit

Nikki Wilkins

Instagram: @nikkisdippednails

Tiktok: @nikkisdippednails

500-Hazelnut1332-Goldie Lock


This nail design looks good enough to manage and is an adorable choice for tweens, teens, and adults alike. Perfect for any Holiday Season!


ally cipollini design double dip store

Ally Cipollini

Instagram: @dipped.by.ally

1301-His Queen


Dark, glittery, and glossy nail tips could potentially deflect dinner-table drama. Match this nail look with a red lipstick of your choice to achieve that sophisticated look!


butterscotch nail colour

Nicole Wilkey

Instagram: @nicoles_dipnails



Again, you don't need to stick with those cheesy or cutesy just to complete your Thanksgiving look. Just pick a brown, neutral-based shade, which compliments any skin tone and that you can also wear all month long.


hot fudge nail design kits

Rachel Kibbe

Instagram: @holobeauty

503-Hot Fudge


Plaid-printed nails are one of the commonly known thanksgiving manicures that you can also wear all year-round. Thanks to 503 - Hot Fudge, finish it with two coats of shiny top coat. The combo? Ahem, the best outcome to complete your Thanksgiving OOTD!


nail kit design cinnamon

Sheinna Pineda

Instagram: @shei.doesdip_nails

CP002-Cinnamon Apple, 764-Red Velvet


Give me a red-bloody manicure with a hint of shimmer, and I'll make these nails work for Thanksgiving, and for any holiday in between! It’s truly one of the best fall manicure combinations, regardless of the season!


nail kit glow in the dark

Valerie Marie

Instagram: @214nailzbyval

Tiktok: @214nailzbyval

1355-Peach Sorbet, 418-Atomic Orange, G27 - In the Name of Love, Glow in the Dark


So practically, the trendy cheetah nail art manicure can be worn year-round, but it’s especially gorgeous in fall when you’re already wearing comfy sweaters and darker color palettes. Try this manicure out for Thanksgiving if you’re feeling the nail-art scene!


salted caramel nail powder designs

Angel Duron

Instagram: @angelic_nailz

640-Peach Pearl, 405-Salted Caramel


If you're planning to DIY simple, clean, and shiny nails for November 25, this is exactly what we can all use for Thanksgiving. If you want to level up the vibe, select for a two-toned mani, with either peach or caramel on each hand.


desert glaze dip powder kit

Erin Bishop

Instagram: @erins.dip.manis

1425-Enchanted, 574-Best Buddies, 616-Desert Glaze


If you're opting for a cute, trendy, and dainty manicure look to DIY this Thanksgiving, choose a pink nude shade and match it with a silvery-white hue, too! Don’t forget to be creative and experiment at home if you want to spice it up with a bit of nail art!


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double dip collections

double dipping powder

christmas nail dip starter kit

SLEIGH those Holi-Nails with our Glittery Christmas Nail Dip Starter Kit!


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almost dust nail kit

Maddie Metheny

Instagram: @raenailco

1338-Siena Treasure, 723-Almond Dust


Hello Fall!

Well, look at those delicate gold and red leaves, a total attention-grabber! They are exactly what our shabby summer nails need to see in the holiday season.


4 in 1 base coat

Nicole Wilkey

Instagram: @nicoles_dipnails

574-Best Buddies, Gelly Tips, 4 in 1 Base Coat


The simpler the manicure is, the easier it is to customize for any season or holiday. Minimalist manicures can simply work for Thanksgiving by exchanging your pink dipping powder for gold or brown. Seal it with a nice base coat, and you’re ready to show off!


sugar swizzle nail design kits

Brianna Rumble

Instagram: @ladyrumble_nails

659-Burning Ember, 651-Flirt Alert, 484-Sugar Swizzle


Even the minimalist and abstract ideas you've seen so far are still too much and time-consuming. Maybe your turkey-day vibes are better suited for a single gorgeous shade, like these thanksgiving nail colors: 659-Burning Ember, 651-Flirt Alert, and 484-Sugar Swizzle. Best fit for deeper skin tones or lighter skin tones!


cuticle oil

Heather Weaver

Instagram: @nailedit_newbie

409-Green Lagoon


As long as you have the perfect green shade and the Essential Dip Liquid Kit, you can easily create an alluring manicure for Thanksgiving—or, honestly, any month of the year.


moonshine lake nail powder kits

Sahira Recinos

Instagram: @nails_bysahira

517-Rust And Onyx, 455-Pretzel Bark, 133-Moonshine Lake


Everything about these high-shine nails is making us excited for turkey day, mainly because the mix of brown dipping powders makes us crave pecan pie. Like, can I have some now?


spring goddess nail powder kits

Miranda Novotny

Instagram: @CorgisWineAndNails

1425-Enchanted, 1376-Spring Goddess


Yes, cute hand-painted pumpkin pies and turkeys are cute and all, but if you're looking for easy thanksgiving nail designs that'll last you from Thanksgiving until New Year's, try this one, ombre and glitter-tipped nails, which fit virtually for any cold-weather holiday.


coffin shaped fall nail design kits double dip store

Brianna Rumble

Instagram: ladyrumble_nails

Happy Haunting Halloween, 510-Spiced Coral, Mix tape, Fall, Decals, Coffin Shape, Glow in the Dark


Straight-up a minimal pie painted on your nails! These glow-in-the-dark nails from our Happy Haunting Halloween Kit give you the essence of the perfect Halloweeny vibe. For extra flair, use long coffin gel nails and Top Coat to achieve that perfect shine!


gold nail tips

Treayna Odom

Instagram: @nailsbyayna_


Gold and glittery nail tips make for a special touch to otherwise neutral or clear dip powder. This beautiful mani design is perfect with any wardrobe and will last you well into thanksgiving or any holiday season.


thanksgiving nail dip powder

Alma White

Instagram: @nail_datewithalma

TikTok: @nail_datewithalma


As they say, simplicity is power, you can opt for all one shade for a more dainty look. But you can also make a statement with the right softness that can go with literally any outfit or occasion, not just for Thanksgiving! Try this mani now!


starter nail kits

Dena Fleno

Instagram: @dena_dips

TikTok: @dena_dips


Take cues from the changing leaves outside. Get the details just right with a nail stamp, gold foil, or gel nail line art kit. We love how each nail is different—from bold to artful.


goldie lock start nail kits

Jade Michel

Instagram: @jades.manis.xo

768-Sweet Lula, 731-Butterscotch, 1332-Goldie Lock


Wanna make your life easier? Try matching your short gel tips with a glitter dip powder and collaborating it with a hit of any matte color of your choice!


polished pebble autumn nail powder kit

Sol Romano

Instagram: @sol_dip

526-Brown Sugar, 1319-Bee Kind, 1331-Polished Pebble


Dress up and complete your Thanksgiving look by incorporating your manicure with turkey or autumn leaves stickers to kick off the holiday season! Seal your handy work with a top coat, for just enough shine to feel fancier.


thanksgiving nail art designs

Crystal Leon

Instagram: @crystalleon74

1396-Tarnished Brass


If you wanna have a bolder and fiercer vibe this Thanksgiving, why not? This manicure is top-notch! Screenshot this mani and show it to the pros or if you’re a pro yourself, DIY this look at home and you'll surely save time, energy, and money. Now that’s a major plus!


Leather jackets and cuddly weather season is officially here, which indicates your nail color closet needs an upgrade. It's not too late to start considering what you want your fall vibe to be. Besides, if you are not complying with using specific nail shades for particular seasons, even better, don’t worry there are not any rules here!


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