Extend the Nail Bed With our Polygel Nail Kit!

Polygel Nail Kit

Hi, Double Dip loves! In this article, we’re going to teach you how to extend your nail bed using our Polygel Nail Kit.


For this easy step by step article you can use any of our all-in-one easy to use Double Dip Poly Gel Nail Starter Kits which includes 6 Poly Sculpting Nude Gel Colors. These kits are great not only for nail extensions but also to enhance your natural nails. The kit includes a set of various colors that you can choose from that look great on any skin tone! 


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Let’s begin!


Step 1

Choose the correct size of dual form that will fit each one of your nails best. It should fit according to the white of your natural nail plate so take your time choosing


Important Notes

When in doubt it is better to choose the bigger one because if you choose the one that is smaller you will have naked sidewalls which will lead to cracks and broken nails.

When fitting the dual nail forms, do not forget that you do not need to press all the way down so it actually touches the nail plate, you need to leave some space for the apex. 

If it doesn't fit in the cuticle area here’s what you can do: Simply take some sharp scissor and carefully cut the cuticle area of the nail form or fake nails to the shape that best fits.


Step 2

It’s time to prep your nails!


Important Reminders

The foundational pieces to making a good enhancement really come down to nail preparation. If the products that you’re applying to your natural nail are not done properly, then your nails may come out poorly.

If you wanna know how to easily prep your nails then please watch our youtube tutorial and click here.


Step 3

After prepping, apply a thin even layer of primer to all of your nails.


Step 4. 

Next apply a thin layer of base coat. 

Be careful not to get the base coat on your skin, once it is cured the base will harden.


Step 5.

Cure for 30 seconds using the Gel Lamp.


Step 6

Next,  choose your preferred Poly Sculpting Gel color and squeeze a dime sized amount from the tube onto the spatula side of your two sided applicator. Then placed into the dual form. 

Use the Poly Gel Slip Solution so that it won’t stick to your brush. Make sure to let the solution dry before applying the dual form onto the nail.  

When applying the Sculpting Gel, make sure the cuticle area has a thin layer as well as the sidewalls and that you leave more product in the center because this is where the apex will be.


Step 7

After that apply the dual form on your natural nail at a 45 degree angle slide towards the cuticle and gently press.

You might  see a little product squeezed out on the side which is not a problem at all! Just fix it with the brush and slip solution. Don’t forget to turn the nail to the back side to even out the gel.


Step 8

Cure for about a minute and then carefully remove the nail form.

REPEAT THE STEPS MENTIONED on the rest of your nails.


Important notes

You can apply primer and base coat on all of your 10 nails at once and then continue onto each step for a faster application.

If you have a hard time leveling up the product you can take a little bit more alcohol but make sure it fully evaporates before applying the dual form on the nail.

You don’t need to remove the sticky layer from the base coat but if you accidentally touched or some dust is on it then you can remove the sticky layer it will work both ways. 


Step 9

Carefully install it on the nails, do not press too much and don’t forget about the work underneath the nail because if you will skip this step, yes you can do it with an electric file later but with this step you’ll be saving tons of product and time.

Make sure the underneath surface is as smooth as possible.


Step 10

Cure your nails.


Step 11

Clean the sticky layer and you need to do this only underneath because the top surface of the nail was covered with dual form so there was no oxygen contact. It was only on the other side.


Step 12

We need to file the nails, you can use an electric file drill or bit.

You need to make sure that the length and shape are even.

If you like to have a square shaped nail, you can file the length and then file underneath. Even though you might have done a good job of working with the brush underneath the nail, you still have to file it a little bit to make it perfectly smooth. Sometimes there might have been some imperfections along the process, so in this step you can re-adjust the size of your nails through filing and also the extra thickness underneath.


Step 13

After making sure that the underneath part is smooth and if you're satisfied, you can proceed to the surface or top of your nails and file it. 

Sometimes you don’t need to do this step if you’re lucky enough to have the perfect slight curve of the nail.

You can file a little bit on the sidewalls and along the cuticle area. Always make sure you're filing only the product you are not touching the natural nails.


Step 14

Once you’re done with all those steps, take a regular hand file and file the sidewalls, buff the surface, and shape your nails until you achieve your desired shape and smoothness.


This step is essential if you want to achieve a perfectly smooth finish manicure.


Step 15

Take a fluffy nail brush and dust off the excess powder.


Step 16

Then apply an even thick layer of the Gel Top Coat to your nails.


Step 17

Cure for 30 secs and you’re done!


Polygel Nail Kit for starters

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