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Ezra Green- September Limited Edition

Ezra Green was created by Sara, one of our lovely ladies in our FB group, this is her story on how she came up with this color mixture. “My pregnancy with Ezra has been one of the most amazing journeys I have ever been on. Before my pregnancy, I did a lot of traveling to lots of forestry national parks around America, like Washington's, Mount Rainier, Colorado's rocky mountain, and Oregon's Crater Lake National Park. The lush greens that a forest has to offer always made me feel so relaxed and calm. When asked to create a color I of course had to do it in honor of my son and my love of nature. I choose the green with Iridescent glitter to represent the forest and the calming but exciting effect it gives me. These past 9 months have been calm before the storm that is motherhood. Thank you double-dip for letting me honor my son in such a super cool way."
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