FAQ With DoubleDip

FAQ With DoubleDip


Double Dip has become increasingly popular this year. We get tons of questions daily on how to use it and troubleshooting questions. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions and answered them below.


Please keep in mind that if you are not a trained nail technician, we suggest watching tutorials and at the very least reading the application instructions as it can be a bit tricky to apply.

FAQ With DoubleDip

What is the white bottle with no labels? That would be our cuticle oil due to Covid-19 a short supply of our bottles had to be unlabeled. They will be returning to be shipped out. 


    Why is there no powders with my kit? Looks like you ordered our liquid kit, This kit is for people who already have powders and just need the liquids. 


    Why is there no liquids in my kit? Seems you might have ordered one of our kits that just includes our powders. Unlike our starter kits that include everything you need to do your nails, we also sell collection kits that just include the powders. 


    Are you guys really made in the USA? Yes, we are! All our products are USA made. We are located in the beautiful city of Dallas Tx (specifically Garland). 


    Why are my nails chipping and lifting? DoubleDip is a dip powder application therefore the prep is going to determine the longevity of the Double Dip manicure. The nails need to be gently filed with a 180 grit file prior to starting the Dip application. If there is any shine or oils on the natural nail this can cause the product to lift or chip. Use our DoubleDip Bonder, PH bond, or alcohol swab to remove surface oil. Another tip is to make sure the DoubleDip Base coat application is even and not too thick.  


    My Topcoat and Basecoat lid won’t open? How do I prevent this from happening? The Basecoat is a glue-based product which means if any residue gets on the neck of the bottle it can make the bottle very hard and nearly impossible to open! If this occurs you can run the neck of the bottle under hot water or use pliers to open the product. To prevent this from happening you can rub a little bit of cuticle oil around the neck of the bottle before closing it which should help reduce the chance of it sticking. This can also occur with the Top Coat, so use the same prevention steps with this product.


    My brushes have hardened. How do I prevent this from happening? Brush cleaner!! You will need to soak brushes in the Brush Restorer for 5-10 minutes at the end of each treatment to make sure brushes are clean and no product residue is left. The base coat is glue and it will harden if left on the brush. You can also use alcohol swabs to further cleanse brushes if needed. 


    Why is my powder cloudy ( marbling )? This is caused depending on how a powder was made, like adding white to the powder. 


    What can I do to prevent marbling? Don't worry, there's a solution to this pesky problem, by adding a clear powder topcoat, then buffing you would only be buffing the clear coat which will protect the beautiful color underneath.


    Do liquid-and-powder products have expiration dates? Also, is there a deadline to use a product that has already been opened? All artificial nail enhancement products have expiration dates, but how long these products will last often depends on their storage conditions. Products kept in temperatures exceeding 85°F will have shortened shelf-lives, and storing them in areas exceeding 100°F can cause them to rapidly thicken and harden in the container. In general, I recommend that nail professionals not purchase more than a three-month supply of any nail enhancement product, including wraps, adhesives, and UV gels. Discoloration, cracking and lifting of the artificial nail can all be indications that a product’s shelf-life may have been exceeded. 

    Help!! I've accidentally gotten it on my skin/cuticle area. How do I resolve this? No worries, we got you. simply take some acetone and remove the excess glue and powder off. Also as soon as you dip your finger in then remove out the powder, if you notice powder spilling on to your skin/cuticle after you brushed off excess powder, grab your cuticle stick, and start and clean those cuticle edges before adding any activator

    What can I do to prevent getting it on my skin/cuticle area? Make sure you apply nice thin layers of base coat steadily, making sure there is no leaked base going to your cuticle or leaking over to the skin. I recommend if you notice that at that point pause, remove and start over again, but you can also go head and dip and remove with a cuticle stick and acetone if you wish to keep going. Dipping and can be along the process but it can also be very relaxing and over time you will be a dipping pro mastering all dipping aspects. 


      • emily wicks: October 14, 2020

        No, I don’t think you need clear powder. You can just sprinkle it on. But some people mix clear powder to make their own “dip” glitter jar, so you can just dip your nails into the glitter like normal dip powders.

      • Eva Manicom: August 25, 2020

        Do I need to mix the Glitter collection with clear powder to use them?

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