Fun Fall Nail Ideas

Dip Nail Starter Kit

Hey there! You must be on the lookout for some spice-tacular nails to wear to show off to your friends and family members. Don't even chai to miss out on this amazing opportunity to get some AMAZING nail inspiration from our very own personal influencers. For every nail image shown, we will include the colors used as well as the Instagram handle of these lovely ladies so that you guys can check them out and show them your love and appreciation for their gourd-geous looks!


1. Spice, Spice, Baby! 

 Hot Fudge, Cinnamon Apple (Limited Edition), Clear Base

This nail set is so cute and simple, yet fun and vivid! The brownish and orangish color is just the perfect color for fall! With the added glitters, it really does look like you're taking a leap into a big pile of Autumn leaves. In addition, the shimmery color with the white nail stamps really encapsulates the feeling you get when you drink a warm pumpkin spice latte!

Even if you don't have these exact stamp designs, the extraordinary base already provides a great template to work with. You can even add some of our very own Fall Maple Stickers to complete the "leaves" look! Check out the artist behind this masterpiece and the products she used!

Instagram: @raenailco

Products Used: Hot Fudge, Cinnamon Apple (Limited Edition), Clear Base


2. ORANGE you glad you caught this one?!

Double Dip Halloween Kit

Oh my goodness! Isn't this just the most adorable set of nails you can do to get yourself ready for October's spooky season? This is such a nice look that's easy on the eye! Have you guys ever tried to ombre a black color WITH glitter on top of such a light and bright color and done it so beautifully? Showing up with THIS mani, you'll surely get tons of compliments from your friends and family! Show some love to the lovely lady behind this nail design and check out what products were used! 

Instagram: @nail_dip_sami

Products Used: DoubleDip Halloween Kit / Individual colors are Soft Marigold, Black Like My Heart, and Monster Mash *exclusive to the Halloween Kit 


3. FALL in love with this magnificent nail set!

Double Dip Halloween Kit

Here's a wonderful nail design that takes advantage of using contrasting colors to create a look that really pops! If you can't decide whether you want a shiny glittery look or a plain matte look... why not go for both!? This nail set shows that you don't have to settle for one or the other. With the glossy blood drips, none of the nails take attention away from the other.

Rather, they compliment each other and assist in completing the full look. In addition, black DOES go with everything! Wear these nails to match with any of your spooky outfits for some added glam! Don't miss out on more content from this amazing Instagrammer, discover more looks from her as well as the products used in this photo down below!

Instagram: @kates.nail.korner

Products Used: DoubleDip Halloween Kit / Individual Colors are Black Like My Heart and Voodoo Boo


4.  Look at these Spook-tacular Nails!

Ivory White, Black Like My Heart, Atomic Orange, and Goo Getter

Tired of wearing the same plain boring nails all the time? Spice up your October nails with some fun ghoul designs! Which of these nails are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! The details and precision on each finger is immaculate and you can tell a lot of time and effort was put into perfecting each and everyone of these nails. Let's show the artist some love! Check out her page for more amazing designs like this and check out the products she used! 

Instagram: @kates.nail.korner

Products Used: Ivory White, Black Like My Heart, Atomic Orange, and Goo Getter


5. You'll love these nails a LATTE!

Salted Caramel and Bohemian Moon

Aren't these nails just the most elegant thing ever?! They are such a classic and chic look but still screams fall. You don't always need to dress up to impress. Sometimes, minimalism can still get the job done and leave you looking great! With this nail look, you don't need to worry about your nails taking the attention away from your awesome fall outfit or your beautiful face! In fact, simple nails like this accentuates your features and makes you look even more dazzling! Find out who's behind this cute mani look and discover the colors she used to achieve it!

Instagram: @nailedby.srf

Products Used: Salted Caramel and Bohemian Moon


6. These nails will give em' Pumpkin to talk about!

Salted Caramel, Crystalline Rose, and Halo Angel

Last, but not least, we have another wonderful piece of nail inspiration for you guys! Aren't these just the cutest thing ever?! Here's another way you guys can use ombre to complete your fall mani. The color palette is great for fall, but is versatile enough to be worn for other occasions as well. You guys can also copy the style of these nails and change up the colors to match any event! A great design created by a great woman! Find her Instagram below and look at other great looks she's created and keep reading if you want to get the exact colors in this mani!

Instagrammer: @nailsby_sahira

Products Used: Salted CaramelCrystalline Rose, and Halo Angel

You've reached the end of this article! Congratulations! We hope this was able to help you find some inspiration for your next mani! If you would like more compilations of nail inspirations, leave us a DM on Instagram or comment on our photos! 


Just a friendly disclaimer that the only products mentioned in the article are DoubleDip products. Many of these lovely ladies use other brands in their designs. Feel free to check out their page to get more details on the exact products used! 


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