How To Get A Free Gift From Us?

How To Get A Free Gift From Us?


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We hope you have a wonderful time using our Double Dip products.


In celebration, we have placed your name on our wall under the title "WORLD'S BEST CUSTOMER".


If you have just 30 seconds, We would like to hear your opinion on how we did.


It would mean a lot to us! ❤️


If you purchase on Amazon - Please click the link below.

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If you purchase on our website, please click the link below to join our FB Group & Leave a brief feedback.

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⚠️ Note: Please take a screenshot of the review once complete and make sure the product you review is from 👉Double Dip💖 in order to activate your Gift card.


⚠️After you have done the above- please text "Done" to (251)-561-1782 receive your $10 Gift Card :) 

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Each Review we receive is a cause for celebration

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If you are in any way dissatisfied with our products, please give us a chance to Make it RIGHT for you before leaving a negative review. 


 If you have further questions, visit Double Dip's FAQ for more information.


 With Warmest Regards,

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  • Dawn Willey: May 04, 2021

    The customer support is awesome. They have answered my emails with a very quick response every time and have been quick to send my replacement gel base. I notified them that the matte was mislabeled and am now getting the gel base replacement. It is on its way so now I can start using their gel products! Love DD and the whole entire team. They work very hard to help when needed and go above and beyond. Thank you so much for being the great company you are!

  • Carrie : May 04, 2021

    I absolutely Love the French Mani kit!!! It comes with everything you need, except your hands, LOL. I know with time I will get faster, but for now, “I’m slow and steady”!!! And I love the Facebook Group!!! Everyone is so kind, helpful and encouraging. So Happy I’m apart of this group. Well wishes to all the Beautiful people in this group

  • Roxana Adam: December 29, 2020

    I am happy with my kit i got it has fall color as well as reds and light blue it’s the falling in love kit ! The one I used first is the salted caramel which is a Thanksgiving color . Plus with my kit I received the scratch off that gave me 35% off . Thank you double dip nails

  • Buni: December 29, 2020

    Love the Clear Dip it’s the only one I use

  • Crystal Saville: November 01, 2020

    Love the colors and ease of applications ! Since Covid got it has effected not only my nails getting done but also my self esteem, to be able to find this company and these amazing products has been a blessing for myself , one thing I can buy and enjoy for myself and I don’t worry about it because the price is affordable ! Thanks for making a great product for our nails

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