NEW KIT ALERT: Limited Edition Her Vibe is Pretty Nail Dip Kit

Her Vibe is Pretty Nail Dip Kit

We are happy to introduce to you our Limited Edition "Her Vibe is Pretty" Nail Dip Kit! 💥

In honor of our amazing moderators, we wanted to give them an opportunity to put together a special kit for everyone! 💅

They put lots of love and thought into this kit for you Double Dip Babes, Double Dip will always hold these ladies close to their hearts! 🤗

love bright colors

To those of you who love bright colors, this all in one dip starter nail kit is for you!


This Limited Edition Double Dip Starter & Professional All-In-One Color Kit Includes:


6 x Dip Powder 14.2g/ 0.5 Oz

G10 Bodacious

G10 Bodacious


586 Shimmer Spritzer

586 Shimmer Spritzer


1346 Ginger Tonic

1346 Ginger Tonic


1374 Hippie Mermaid

1374 Hippie Mermaid


674 Fruit Dove

674 Fruit Dove


878 Pixie Dust

878 Pixie Dust

1 Dip Base 15ml/ 0.5fl Oz

1 x Activator 15ml/ 0.5fl Oz

1 x Dip Top 15ml/ 0.5fl Oz



It is up and available for purchase on our website! Grab yours now!


Wanna meet our Lovely Moderators? 

Hi, I'm Tihi "Tie-e" a Texas girl raised on the east coast, then made my way back to Texas. First-time grandma to first grandchild: Amira and, 2 years newlywed. Joined DoubleDip on 9/11/2020 and haven't looked back since and have no desires too.  As a private chef cooking is my passion but now, I must include DoubleDip because doing my nails has become another passion of mine.

Tihi ❤



Hi, I’m Jeanine and I have the great honor of being one of the moderators for Double Dip! I am so excited to be able to share this “Her Vibe Is Pretty” Kit with all of you!  The moderators came together as a team to celebrate all things summer for the July Kit for the amazing Double Dip. We hope that you will agree that these bright colors and seashell stickers are just perfect for that. 

I’d like to tell you a bit about my nail journey in hopes that we can get a bit more connected.  I am a wife of 32 years (I married my high school sweetheart so we’ve been together almost 40 years), a mother of 2 and I currently have 4 grandchildren.  My first dip powder purchase was through Amazon in May of 2020 and of course, it was Double Dip.  I was so impressed with absolutely everything about this company that I raved about them every chance I had.  In July last year, I was asked if I would be a moderator and I eagerly accepted.  I have enjoyed the heart of this company, the incredible product, the amazing customer service team, and the most supportive group of women that have come together as dip sisters on the Facebook page.  I am forever a Double Dip Babe!

I invite you to reach out to me if there is ever anything I can do to help or if you just want to say Hi.

God Bless,

Jeanine LeDuc-Miller ❤



Hey There, it's Ciara! I'm so honored to be a Double Dip Moderator and to work with the rest of the Moderator team to create this kit! It has been so amazing working with all these amazing women.

A little about me and my nail journey. I'm 31 years old, a mom of 2, a survivor. My life has definitely given me a run for my money and my sanity but I stay positive and do what I can to find happiness even in the worst of it. Which ultimately brought me back to doing my nails. I did my own acrylics for years but stopped for a few before June 2020 when I found Double Dip on Amazon. Bought a Kit and been Addipted ever since! Mani Time is Happy Time and I'm so glad I have that to share with all of you thanks to Double Dip!

Thank You All and I Hope You enjoy the colors we chose for our "Her Vibe is Pretty Kit" and that they help you remember that your own vibe is very pretty🥰

Ciara Ames ❤



Hello! My name is Dulce Jimenez. I was born and raised in Mexico City.  I'm a single mom and my son is turning 19th at the end of May. 

I work as an interim supervisor for a communications corporation. 

I love it!! Having quality time with my son and my dog slash normally involves me trying to decide what colors to use on my next mani while catching up on series or rewatching some I love.  Like for example friends! Plus I love scary and creepy series and movies.  I'm also a fan of Harley Quinn and Daryl Dixon (walking dead).

My favorite color is purple! And for this kit, I decided to go with sweetpea. I tend to associate purple with strength. Since I was pregnant it has always been my son and I, not even family. They moved out of state when my son was a newborn.  Since then I can't say why but I started getting drawn to that color and it gave me hope. It would bring back the confidence that I didn't have.  Purple to me is a reminder that even on my worst days, I need to love myself and look deeper to find what at that time feels lost. 

I hope that just like me,  you can find that hope and strength and that you enjoy our kit that was specially made for you.  

Thank you for being part of my journey ❤

Dulce ❤


Hey there nail sister,

This is Yoma, one of the moderators over at Double Dip Nails Tips & Tricks Exclusive Private Group and we are just elated to share our “Her Vibe is Pretty” Kit with you Babes! My color of choice for our collection is #1374 Hippie Mermaid, a fresh and dazzling glittery blue which I hope you agree, gives all the feels. It is a privilege and an honor to be part of the Double Dip family with you and celebrate all your pretty vibes with the beautiful manis you create, please remember to share with us using #VibewithDD!

A little bit about me... I live in San Pedro, California. I have three human children 19(m), 16(F), and 11(m), and a handful of fur-babies. I am engaged to my best friend and soulmate with plans to marry my beloved within the next year. I am a senior Psychology major and Chican@ Studies minor at the California State University of Dominguez Hills, go Toro’s! Initially, I began dipping at home as a new hobby and as a way to self-care.

color of choice for our collection is #1374 Hippie Mermaid

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