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Have you ever experienced cracking nails all of a sudden? How about chipping? or maybe peeling? Nonetheless, whether it’s splitting nails or simply having weak nails, it could be a tall sign that you have brittle nails. 

Brittle nails could have a variety of reasons why they occur. Naturally, it can just be a sign of aging, but sometimes it can be a result of over-polishing your nails, over-exposure to chemicals, or cold weather, and it can even be caused by health issues. This can be especially troublesome if you are a nail enthusiast who regularly uses a dip powder starter kit, but regardless, there are ways to treat brittle nails to strengthen them.

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Nails become brittle when they are too dry. Moisturizing your hands while they are damp helps to seal moisture on your skin. After washing your hands, pat them dry and apply a generous amount of moisturizer to them. Make sure to apply the moisturizer to the tips of your fingers, as they are prone to dryness, especially on the nails.

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Lessen the use of Alcohol based Sanitizers

They may be a sure way to keep germs and viruses away, but overusing alcohol-based sanitizers can dry up your nails quickly. Using hand sanitizers sometimes leads to dry skin. This is due to the alcohols isopropyl, ethanol, and n-propanol found in most hand sanitizers. These alcohols can severely dry out the nails and reduce the protective oil in the skin, causing cell dehydration and increasing the risk of developing skin diseases. Hand sanitizers are important, but if you’re just in the comfort of your home, lessen the use of alcohol-based sanitizers to prevent dry nails.


Let your nails rest from manicures

Having manicures too often can dry out the nail beds and consequently brittle the nails. Limit the number of manicures you have to avoid exposing your nails to the chemicals in nail polish and polish removers. Avoid acetone-based nail polish removers in particular. Overusing polish may actually result in soft, brittle nails. A gel nail extension might be fun and pretty to have, but refusing to rest your nails can be damaging. A true manicure enthusiast knows how to keep the nails healthy as much as they like to have them.



Wear Gloves

You should also wear rubber gloves whenever you do household chores that involve strong chemicals. These gloves will not only help you maintain a good grip, but they will also protect your nail from constant soaking and hard chemicals that can dry out and brittle your nails.


Nail Hygiene

Germs and bacteria can be detrimental to your nails as they may cause a wide variety of skin problems. To prevent brittle nails, hand hygiene should include cleaning and trimming fingernails, which can contain bacteria and cause a wide range of certain infections. It is best to keep fingernails clean by washing the inside and the outside with soap. Longer fingernails can contain more germs and grime than shorter nails, possibly leading to the spread of infection.

All nail tools should be thoroughly cleaned before grooming the nails. When nail tools are shared between many people at home, it is especially important to disinfect them before use.

Using nourishing oils can also help your nails look slick and healthy. 

nourishing oils

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Eat healthily

Dry skin and nails can be impacted by certain foods, drinks, and other substances. Research suggests that a high-fat diet can cause skin inflammation, which can disturb the skin's protective responses. Consuming a variety of sugary foods or confections can also lead to inflammation and change the surface area of the skin. Consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins can give better-looking skin free from complications like brittle nails. Most importantly, drink plenty of water, because it is the easiest way to keep your skin hydrated.




Brittle nails are really troublesome if you are an avid manicure enthusiast. The constant cracking, splitting, chipping, and peeling of nails due to brittle nails is concerning, but if you want strong and healthier nails, you must groom your nails and eat a healthy diet. However, more often than not, nails require a little additional effort in becoming healthier and stronger. This is where DIYs and home remedies can come in handy. Keep in mind, that you can't make your nails healthier overnight. However, if you care for them, they will become stronger and last longer, making them less prone to brittle nails.

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