How To Apply Nail Art Transfer Foil With Gel

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Applying Foil With Gel Nail Polish

Most gel nail polishes are sticky after you cure them; requiring you to clean them with an alcoholic wipe. This may sound like an annoyance, but it is perfect for applying Nail Art Transfer Foil! 

Simply put that stickiness to use by using it like glue to get the foil to stick!


For this you will need:

- Gel Base Coat and No Wipe Top Coat

- Gel Nail Polish 

- Large UV or LED lamp to cure all the gel products. (or you can get the portable LED Lamp)


    Nail Art Transfer Foil

    Step (1) Clean and prepare your nails.

    Step (2) Apply the gel base coat and cure it under the lamp.

    Step (3) Apply the gel nail polish color and cure it. (You can do as many coats as you like, curing in between each one.)

    Step 3 1/2 (do this if your gel color is not sticky enough on its own): Apply the Gel nail foil glue over your cured gel color and cure it under the lamp.

    Step (4) Lightly press the non-shiny side of the nail art transfer foil unto the cured (but still sticky) gel.

    Step (5) Apply a gel no-wipe topcoat over your finished mani, cure it, and you’re done!

    By using gel for applying foil, you will get a very vibrant manicure with no need to worry about the topcoat tinting or crinkling the foil.



    How to use Foil Gel

    Step 1

    After applying the gel color of your choice and curing for 60 seconds, cut your nail art foil to your desired length and shape that’ll suit your nail best.  

    Step 2

    Time to apply the FOIL GEL. 

    Make sure to apply a nice, even layer of the FOIL GEL to your entire nail. Be sure to cover every inch of your nail. If there’s missing polish, your nail art foil won’t stick where there’s no foil gel. This can make your foil art appear splotchy or uneven. 


    Step 3

    Cure for 30 - 60 seconds in your UV/LED lamp. This time frame could be shorter or longer depending on your lamp, so it’s best to do a test sample to see what curing time works best for you as all UV/LED lamps are different. 

    (For optimal results, we recommend 60 - 90 seconds of curing.) 

    NOTE: It does become tackier after letting cool for about 30 seconds. You don’t want your nails to be too tacky or too smooth as your foil nail art may not stick to it.


    Step 4

    With the nail art foil of your choice, carefully apply the back side of the foil to your tacky nail. This side is normally the duller or non-shiny side. Apply the art wherever you like onto your nail.


    Step 5

    Use your finger, dry wipe, or any gentle tool to press down and rub the foil onto your nail. Rub until you feel the nail art foil is sticking properly. You can also use a cuticle pusher tool to carefully smooth out any wrinkles along the cuticle area and the sidewalls. 

    Take your time and gently rub. Don’t scrape against the foil as it can scratch the nail art and result in a cracked or wrinkled appearance. 


    Step 6

    Slowly peel back the foil and the art should adhere to your nail. If you notice some of the foil did not stick, you can press the foil against your nail again and rub on top until you’re satisfied. 

    Step 7

    Time to apply the GEL TOP.

    Apply a thin, even layer of the Gel top coat for a shiny finish. Be sure to polish at the edge of your nail so that your nail art does not chip easily.


    How To Apply Nail Art Beads

    Using nail art beads is another great way to create unique nail art designs. Usually, you create a new design by arranging the beads according to what you have in mind. Or you can apply it around a design, such as a heart or a line, to emphasize it. 

    The nail art beads come in many colors and finish. Can be in a metal or glass look. 

    Applying nail art beads has its own unique way, which is different from applying nail art flat shape or fimo

    1. Arrange them on wet nail polish or put a tiny drop of top coat on the place where you want to put the bead first. 

    2. Then, use pointy tools such as a toothpick or dotting tool, which has been already dipped in water. 

    3. Pick up a bead. Place it on that top coat.

    4. Repeat if necessary until the design is finished. 

    5. Apply a layer of top coat on top of the design to seal it.

     And you’re done!


    How To Do Nail Art Using Nail Decals/Stickers Of Your Choice?

    Step 1: Prepare Your Nails.

    Prepping your nails is the most important step. Remove and clean any dirt, and old nail polish gently. Make sure you're starting with a clean canvas by removing any residues that are still lingering on your nails.

    Read this article to have more idea on how to prep your nails: How to Prep your Natural Nails x KC Nails


    Step 2: Trim and file your nails.

    Shape your nails according to your liking to make them look neat. Since you're creating nail art, try not to trim them too short - it's better to have more space to work with.


    Step 3: Apply a basecoat.

    Basecoats are usually clear or bluish in color, it protects your nails from getting stained or damaged by nail polish and other nail art materials.

    Apply 1-2 layers of basecoat and allow it to completely dry before proceeding to the next step. Some basecoats remain tacky after drying. This texture is meant to help the next layer, the polish, stay in place longer without chipping.


    Step 4: Add any nail art decals, jewels, or stickers to your nail.

    Start with a coat of your favorite nail polish and accent it with a pretty decoration.

    - Apply a base coat color or a clear base coat. Allow the polish to dry.

    - Place a dab of nail glue or nail gel on your nail. Put it high on the nail, toward the tip, or in a lower corner. Think about where it will look best.

    - Pick up the jewel or nail decals/stickers of your choice with a pair of tweezers and drop them onto the gel or glue. Use the tweezers to gently press it into place. Allow the glue to dry.

    - Paint a clear top coat over the nail to keep the sticker or jewel from falling off - to make it last longer!

    - Tadah! You’re done.

    How To Apply Rhinestones To Your Nails

    Let’s get started! Here’s everything you need to know to give yourself a rhinestone manicure at home!

    What You Need:

    Base coat 

    Nail polish

    Top coat

    Some type of small stick – This could be an actual orange stick for manicures or it could be something as simple as a toothpick. Anything around that size should do the job.

    Pack of jewels with flat backings 


    What To Do:

    Before you begin, make sure that the rhinestones you’re using are set out, right-side up, on a flat surface. This will make them easier to pick up later. Now it’s time to bejewel your nails!

    1. Put on your base coat and nail polish as you normally would.

    2. After your polish has dried, take your stick and dab a bit of base coat on it, then use the part of the stick with the base coat on it to pick up a rhinestone from the top (i.e. the flat back should not be touching the stick so that you can place it directly on the nail).

    3. Dab some base coat on the flat back of the rhinestone. You should be able to see that there is a base coat on the backing, but don’t use a ton – if it looks like there’s a little bit much, you can use a finger to gently wipe some off.

    4. Place the rhinestone on your nail. Do this gently. You don’t want to dig the stone into the polish and risk messing it up.

    5. Repeat these steps until you’re happy with them!


      PRO TIP:

      Once you’ve finished, put on a generous amount of top coat to really seal the stones onto the nail. This step is really important! If you want to ensure that your beautiful handiwork stays put, make sure you put a top coat on!


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