How to Create an Overlay Using this Best Polygel Nail Kit

Double Dips Polygel Nail Kit

What’s up, Double Dip babes! In this article, we’re going to teach you how to easily create an overlay using Double Dips Polygel Nail Kit.

This is perfect if you want to achieve a more natural nail look or if you’re already satisfied with your nail length but you still want to use Polygel.


For this step by step article you can use the all-in-one easy to use Double Dip SEND NUDES PREMIUM POLYGEL NAIL STARTER KIT which includes 6 Poly Sculpting Nude Gel Colors. The kit includes a  set of colors with perfect neutral tones if you’re aiming to achieve that naturally classy, head-turning nude manicure!

Polygel Nail Starter Kit

This kit includes:

1 x BELLAVENA™  Poly Gel Slip Solution 30mL

1 x BELLAVENA™ Gel Base 12mL

1 x BELLAVENA™ Gel Top Coat 12mL

1x Portable Gel Lamp

1 x Double-sided Spatula/Brush

1 x Professional Grit Nail File

1 x 100 Piece Nail Dual Forms

2 x Bonus Nail Glitters For Designs


Let’s begin shall we?

Step 1

As always you want to start off with some nail prep. This includes pushing back your cuticles, removing the shine from your natural nail and then filing your nails to your desired shape. Once you’re done, wipe off your nail with a lint-free wipe.

Wanna see a more detailed step by step DIY tutorial on how to prep your nails? Then please click the link down below.

How to Prep your Natural Nails x KC Nails

(186) How to Prep your Natural Nails x KC Nails - YouTube


Step 2

Next apply your gel base coat. You wanna make sure you’re keeping your coats thin. If you get any on your skin just make sure to clean it off using a lint-free wipe before you proceed with curing your nails.


Step 3

Cure your nails for 60 seconds using your mini gel lamp!


Step 4

Choose your preferred Poly Sculpting Gel Color. 

Carefully Squeeze some out directly from the container. You can squeeze the polygel onto the spatula side of the dual ended applicator and apply the bead to the dual form, but if you find squeezing the color directly onto your nail easier then that is also okay.


Note: Applying too much polygel can cause it to pop off or lift around the edges.


Step 5

Grab your brush and the Poly Gel Slip Solution. Dip your brush into the Poly Gel Slip Solution, then carefully start molding the gel that you’ve just placed on your nail. Anytime the gel starts to stick to your brush, stick it back into the slip solution. Place the gel onto your nail about ¾ of the way down toward your cuticle. You wanna make sure your polygel layer is thinner towards your cuticle and thicker towards the top. Make sure to cover the sides of the dual form as you mold the polygel to fit perfectly. 


Step 6

Make sure the slip solution is dry before applying, then place the dual form onto your nail and push lightly. Take your wet brush to clean off any excess polygel. Then turn your nail to the backside and use your brush to even out the gel.


Step 7

Cure your nails on both sides for 60 seconds.


Step 8

Gently wiggle off the dual form from your nail.


Step 9

Grab a buffer and lightly buff your nail.


Step 10

Use your bellavena nail file to shape and file your nails to your liking!


Step 11

Remove the dust with a lint free wipe.


Step 12

Apply a thin even layer of gel top coat onto your nails.

Make sure you don’t get any on your skin! :)


Step 13

Cure your nails under the UV/ LED Lamp for about 60 seconds, and you’re done!

Polygel Starter Kit

If you want to achieve pretty and natural-looking nails, then please try these steps. Don’t be shy to share your mani’s with us!


If you want to see more DIY easy tutorials then keep in touch with us!


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