How To Easily Apply Magic Gel Tips

Magic Gel Tips

Magic Gel Tips are relatively easy to use. But if you would like to form them much easier, applying them with acrylic may be a game-changer!

Applying with acrylic allows you to pre-design your nail tips while ensuring effortless adhesion, easily creating beautiful nails.

The most important thing about tips is ensuring you've got the right size and therefore the correct method of adhesion.

For the at-home DIY set-up you've got to get out everything on a table over a towel or clean face towel for the foremost effective cleanup.

To apply these Gelly Tips, you would like to utilize standard manicure strategies. First, after cleaning your hands, keep off the cuticles and take away any dead skin from the nail bed. Then gently roughen freshly cleaned and dried nails with a medium grit file (180 to 220).


Important notes:

Do NOT overfill the nail beds! You'll damage the nails, the healing time of which could take up to 6 months to completely grow out. Nobody wants to experience that.

Please note that the Double Dip’s Magic Gel Tips are crystal clear so if you've got any nail discoloration or no desire to ascertain your natural nail through your designs, now's an honest time to trim away any nail growth at the free edge.

After adjustments, dust away debris and sanitise and dry nails with cleansing alcohol.

Now, you’re ready to urge the application! It’s now time to size the gelly nails to your fingers.


Tip: for a product like this, you would like a cosy fit, matching as on the brink of your nail size as possible.

For nail tips that don't precisely fit, it's always best practice to settle on subsequent stock and trim to suit your nail. For faster, more accurate results, it's also an honest time to customise any nails that are overly large during the sizing process.


Applying The Magic Gel Tips

Mini gel tip kit

Do you want to achieve a hassle-free and gorgeous mani? Double Dip’s Mini Gel Tip Kit is for you!

1. Apply a skinny coat of prep.

Tip: Bottles also are conveniently numbered for these steps.

2. Apply a skinny coat of primer. The drying finish on this may be satin and slightly tacky.

3. Apply a skinny and even coat of builder gel to the nail. 

Tip: Note the difference between a builder and normal gel. Builder gel is far thicker and easier to spread but also far more structurally stable than gel polish. Cure for 30 seconds.

4. Apply a skinny coat of builder gel to the underside of the right gelly tip only where the nail will be available in contact with the nail bed. 

Tip: If you've got an e-file, it helps to softly roughen the inside to get rid of the shine where this happens.

5. Next, press the gelly nail onto the nail bed starting just before the cuticle and rolling down toward the free edge. The roll and delicate press will make sure that all air bubbles are pushed out.

6. With a firm (but not painful) hold, flash cure the nail underneath the LED lamp between 10 and 15 seconds. If you've got builder gel overflow, now's the time to clear off excess with a clean cuticle pusher or detail brush dampened with alcohol.

7. You can then remove your stabilizing finger (usually a thumb works best) and rotate the nail for the rest of the recommended cure time for your lamp.

8. Repeat for the remainder of your fingers.

9. You’re now liberal to polish and style as normal. 

Have fun! Follow up with polish, dip powders, nail foils, and nail stickers all are compatible together with your completed system.

Double Dip Nail Dip Starter Kit 

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