How To Easily Use Chrome Powder

Chrome powder

Planning to create manicures that stand out without spending ample hours on creating your nails? 

Chrome Powder will be your new loved bestie! It’s proven that it’s easy to use and perfect for simple nail art designs and for any occasion. Double Dips Chrome Powder pigments pack a punch for your on-the-go manicure!


How to use Chrome Powder correctly?

Gold Chrome

Chrome Powder is one of the prettiest and most user-friendly nail enhancements that you can use! It can turn an ordinary manicure into a head-turner and all you need are as follows - No Wipe Top Coat, your preferred Chrome Powder, and your applicator and this come with Double Dip’s pot of Chrome Powder!

Pro tips: You can use Chrome Powder as full coverage on your nails to achieve a flawless and beautiful manicure.

You can also use Chrome powder to create different patterns on your nail, just pick two chrome powders of your choice and combine these colors to create one design, lines, and shapes... the choices are limitless!


How do you apply Chrome Powder?


This easy-to-do nail enhancement only needs one product to work its magic and that is the No Wipe Top Coat! The pigments will adhere to the cured Top Coat to create your chosen design. 

Follow these easy steps to make your Chrome Powder nails last up to 2-3 weeks!

  • Properly Prep your nails and apply Base & Gel Colour coats as normal.

  • Apply a No Wipe Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds in your Lamp.

  • After that, get a tiny amount of your chosen Chrome Powder onto your applicator brush.

  • Rub the powder onto the nail until full coverage that you want is achieved.

  • Take a Nail Buffer and gently run this over the free edge of your nail - this will remove any loose powder that will otherwise prevent your Top Coat from sticking.

  • You can use a Dust Brush to remove any other powder too, and before applying a final layer of No Wipe Top Coat. 

  • Cure for 60 seconds.


What designs can you create using Chrome Powders?

Purple Chrome

The loveliness of Chrome Powder is that it isn't just for a full coverage look on your nail. You can get creative with nail art designs - from subtle mani to something a little extra for those of you who want to be challenged.


You might want to check out this tutorial video that takes you through a simple Chrome Nail design!


One of our favorite ways to use Chrome pigments is to create this pretty blocking design - and here's how you can easily create this:

  • Apply 1-2 coats of your chosen gel polish and cure for 60 seconds between each new coat.

  • Apply thin coats of No Wipe Top Coat. This is how Chrome Powder sticks to your nail! Always remember to apply the top coat to where you're putting your chosen Chrome Powder. 

Tip: You can use a nail art brush for the application if needed.

  • Cure for 30 seconds in your Lamp.

  • Using your applicator, take a small amount of Chrome Powder and rub it onto your nail to make the design. Then dust off any excess powder using a dust brush.

  • Once you're satisfied with your design, apply a No Wipe Top Coat

  • Finally, cure for 60 seconds.

We'd love to see your pretty Chrome Powder designs! You can shop and collect all our beautiful set of Chrome Powders and don't forget to tag us @doubledipnailsofficial in your photos and #NailFie’s - we love to share our favourites on our social media accounts!


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