How To Keep Your Nails Looking Great During Winter


We all know that winter is the season when our nails get chipped and broken one by one, with chapped lips, dry skin, and hair. Oh! And your cuticles! How can we forget those! You're left with ugly stumps rather than beautifully manicured tips. Well thanks, winter!

But wait! there's how out! No! it's not artificial glue-on nails. Or mittens either! There are ways to stay your nails healthy and powerful till winter retreats and therefore the sun shines again. 

Let's get into it!


Can cold weather affect nails?

Yes, in a way that our nails grow slower in cold weather and faster in warm weather. It’s because the circulation is slower in the cold weather, causing growth to slow down. 


Ahead are some helpful tips on how to take care of your nails in the winter season


Cuticle Care is a top priority

Cuticle Care is a top priority

Cuticles are largely ignored, but they're more important than you think. When the weather turns cold and your nails start getting brittle, the cuticles protect them by creating a seal, a sort of barrier. They exclude infection and lock in moisture. But you would like to worry about your cuticles between manicures. Coddle them and love them. Give them the love of natural oils like purgative and vitamin E . Massage the cuticles with the #6 Double Dip cuticle nourishing oil and leave them overnight to condition them. 


Nail Serums is a MUST

Nail Serums is a MUST

Before you let go of nail serums, consider this – nail serums rejuvenate the shine and health of your nails. Always opt for a good nail serum, a nail hardener. Give your nails a nail-serum treatment once every week and watch your nails grow long and powerful. Also, the probabilities of chipping decrease with the utilization of an honest serum. They nourish and protect nails.


Take or use Biotin babe!

Take or use Biotin babe!

This ingredient is the holy grail that will help your nails grow. There are many nail-growing supplements but not all of them are right. go searching and compare the supplements. Choose a supplement that's nail-growing specific and not a general one that will promote hair growth too.


Hydrating Your Hands is the key

Hydrating Your Hands is the key

What we always forget is that our nail plates are even more susceptible to dehydration over the winter months. This is why we’ll tend to see splitting nails, peeling, or fray edges.

It’s a problem that can be aggravated by frequent applications of hand sanitizer, so always make sure to follow up with a great moisturizer and pamper yourself with a weekly hand at-home treatment mask.

Keep a handy moisturizing hand cream with you when you're on the go. Investing in a great natural mask for hands and feet also adds extra protection for nails.


File Cautiously, please.

File Cautiously, please.

Use an honest quality nail file and don’t file carelessly. take care, and don’t file them flat. That creates your nails brittle and weak. When filing your nails, start from the fringes and pull towards the middle. enter one direction only.


Avoid Aggressors. Okay?

Avoid Aggressors. Okay?

What are those things that hurt your nails? Ever considered that? The recent shower during which you're tempted to remain for a couple of minutes more, that unavoidable sink of dishes, or the nail paint removing pads that are very easy to use! These are aggressors that damage your nails. While washing the dishes is unavoidable, you'll wear gloves to guard your hands and nails! Use removers that are acetone-free, and don’t be tempted to soak an excessive amount in a predicament.


Balanced Diet For Nails

Balanced Diet For Nails

Don’t forget your diet. A diet plays an enormous part in the growth of nails. Surprised, are you? But why do you have to be? Once you need a diet of permanent inner health, healthy skin, and hair, why wouldn’t it's necessary for nails too?

Whether you recognize it or not, your nail health is indicative of your inner health. Your diet should be nutrient-rich. This may prevent the nails from becoming brittle and dry and strengthen them. Your diet should include lean meats, salmon, eggs, leafy greens, whole grains, nuts, and beans. Also, include many fruits like berries like strawberries, blueberries, and bananas. They are amazing for nail health and growth.

Nuts prevent vertical ridges that are a sign of deficiency in magnesium. Include sunflower seeds that contain trace minerals like copper and manganese. Seeds also are rich in vitamin B6, Vitamin E, and zinc. These not only help your nails grow but also are important for glowing skin and hair.

Leafy greens like kale, broccoli, and spinach provide the body with calcium, folate, and iron.

Add tons of color to your plate like bell peppers, tomatoes, leafy greens, purple cabbage, and carrots are samples of what your plate should include. 

nail colors


Best way to keep your nails healthy and strong?

Have a biotin supplement

Biotin is also known as vitamin H and vitamin B-7 is one of the B vitamins. Since it's water-soluble, it isn't stored by the body, so you have to make sure that you consume it daily. Biotin is best known to help strengthen hair and nails and also helps the body's nervous system to function appropriately.


DIY nail kit

 Keep your nails healthy and looking good this winter season, do your nails at home with do-it-yourself nail kit.


Final Conclusion

In winters, it's better to stay your nails short as long nails can snag and break. Keeping them trim and using an emery board to shape them will keep them safe. Give them many vitamins C and vitamin E . These vitamins will strengthen them every week.

Avoid glue on nails and keep them healthy. Include nail supplements in your diet and eventually, stop biting your nails. Enjoy the Winter Holiday season with healthy gorgeous nails!


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