How to Prep your Natural Nails x KC Nails

Natural Nails x KC Nails

Hello Double Dip babes! Today, we’re going to teach you how to easily prep your natural nails for Dip Powder manicure application, which you can do at the comfort of your home!


Things that we’ll be needing are as follows:

Professional Grade Cuticle Pusher

Professional Grade Cuticle Pusher


A lint free wipe, cotton pad or a cotton ball

A lint free wipe, cotton pad or a cotton ball


A hand file

Note: In this video the influencer uses a 100/180 grit hand nail file.

A hand file


A nail clipper

If you would like to cut down the length of your nails.

    A nail clipper


    Let’s begin!


    Step 1

    Let's start by taking a lint free wipe with some acetone and remove the oils, excess dust, powders, and any residue from your nails.

    You have to make sure that you don’t have any nail polish or any oils on your nails. 


    Step 2

    Then take the Professional Grade Cuticle Pusher and gently push back your cuticles.

    Note: Because this Cuticle Pusher is metal, you have to be very gentle when pushing back your cuticles.


    Step 3

    Once your cuticles are pushed back, flip the Professional Grade Cuticle Pusher over. Use the pointy side to gently scrape around the cuticle. 

    This step removes any dead cuticle that has been stuck to your nails and it helps prevent lifting within your manicure.


    Step 4

    Next, take your hand file. Using the 180 grit side, which is the smoother side. File the surface of your nails. Make sure to file the cuticle and sidewall areas very well as these areas are more prone to lifting.

    For this step, make sure to remove the shine of your natural nails as this will give the product something to adhere to. 


    Step 5

    After you filed your nails, now it’s the perfect time to remove the excess length if your nails are too long. 

    In this video she personally did not cut or trim her natural nails, but if you do, then do this step.


    Step 6

    Grab a hand file and use the smoother side which is the 180 grit side, file over the edge of your nails. 

    If you’re not planning to apply nail tips to your nails, this is the step when you want to pre-shape your nails into the desired shape for your manicure.


    Step 7

    The last and final step is to take a lint-free wipe with some alcohol and remove all the dust and oils from your nails.

    After you do this step, do not touch your natural nails as this can re-introduce oils to your nails which can cause lifting.


    Optional step

    Once you do this you can apply a nail dip liquid dehydrator or a nail primer to your nails. 


    Voila! That is how you can easily prep your natural nails for dip powder application

    We hope you found this easy DIY tutorial helpful. We’ll see you on our next one! 💗


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