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A beautiful set of mani is a must-have for summer!

In this article, we will be teaching you a step by step process on how to do an Ocean Nail Manicure Design, that is refreshingly aesthetic to complete your summer look!

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Ocean Nails Manicure Design

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Shall we begin?

Products used:

Gel Matte Coat Non-Wipe

Gel Matte Coat Non-Wipe


Woodmont Cream Chrome - TCL06

 Woodmont Cream Chrome


LED & UV Cured Top Gel No Wipe

Professional GEL Nail UV Lamp SUN X5 MAX 150W

UV lamp


Dip, Shape and Buff

This nail art design is best done after your nails are dipped, shaped, and buffed before applying your top coat.


If you would like to watch a tutorial on HOW TO Dip your nails, click here.

Apply Top Coat

Start by applying a nice thin layer of gel top coat onto your entire nail. 

Note: Don’t cure it right away because we want to leave it wet for the next step.

Mixing the colors

Take a drip of white, dark blue and light blue gel polish and place them next to each other.

Mixing the colors

We’re also going to add gold color to the design which we will make ourselves, with the drop of gel top coat and the Woodmont Cream Chrome - TCL06. Mix these two to create your own gel color.

Mixing the colors

Proceed to mix the other three colors to create a marble ocean effect. Do this until you're satisfied.

 Mixing the colors

Put aside a drop of white and dark blue gel polish which can be used later to create lines similar to ocean waves for the nail design. 

Doing the design

Use a flat nail design brush and slowly pick up the gel mixture.

Doing the design

Using a flat or rounded brush, apply a thin layer of blue mixture onto the nail. Do this in a wavy pattern.

This creates the outline of your ocean.

Doing the design

However, this still feels like a flat canvas, you don't want to be one-dimensional, right?

Doing the design

So take a slim tip nail art brush to draw out some lines. 

Doing the Design

Here, we are using the white and dark blue colors as a way to add more dimension to the nail art.


Then cure your nails for 60 seconds.

Apply Gel Matte

After curing your nails, apply one coat of matte gel. We’re going to apply some gold lines afterwards.


So this matte gel acts as a base layer for your gold lines to appear more appealing and shiny.

If you don’t want to add gold lines, you can definitely skip this step.

Cure under the UV Lamp for 45 to 60 seconds.

More Design

And now grab your nail art brush and let your creativity shine!

Create some gold lines using our Chrome mixture onto your nail tip. You can do this freestyle!


Be careful with your application. Having a slow and steady hand would be useful for this step.

More Design

Cure your nail in the UV Lamp for another 30 seconds.

If you like to keep it matte, you can stop here.

Apply Top Coat

But for those who love a shiny finish manicure, apply a single layer of topcoat onto your nail to seal your design.

After that, cure for another 60 seconds. 

And you’re done!

Ocean Nail Manicure Design

What are your thoughts about this nail design? Do you want us to do more tutorials on these summer inspired styles? 

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