How To Take Care Of Your Nails Professionally (Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails)


Beyond looking beautiful, taking care of your nails is also very important to your hygiene and overall well-being because it keeps other parts of your body safe from germs and bacteria. Our hands interact with a lot of things every day, and that entails coming into contact with contaminated objects and putting our nails at risk of infection. Not everyone can afford to have their nails looked at by a professional nail technician every week, so it helps to know how we can take care of them on our own. Allow us to show you different ways you can do this.


Routine DIY Check-up

finger nails

Our nails are very handy body parts that can tell us a lot about our general health at a single glance. It’s safe to say that our nails know more about our bodies than ourselves, so it’s always a good idea to check for oddities. For example, pale nails are a fairly accurate indicator of anemia or malnutrition. Meanwhile, cracks and rough surfaces could mean dehydration or in some cases, even inflammatory arthritis. Healthy nails are pinkish-white in color and have smooth nail plates. You should also avoid cutting your cuticles because it is your fingers’ primary line of defense against infection.

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Washing Your Hands Properly


The most simple way to keep your nails clean is by washing your hands properly. There is a surprising number of people who still don’t know how to wash their hands properly. It is certainly much more than just soaking your hand with water, covering it with soap, then rinsing off. You need to scrub each finger thoroughly, making sure to clean your fingertips, knuckles, and underneath your nails as well. Do this for at least twenty seconds in total for both of your hands, and you should be good to go. Dry your hands with a clean towel, then use it to turn off the sink if you need to. Remember: the best time to wash your hands is before and after a meal (even if you are using utensils), after using the toilet, and whenever you go out in public places.


Nail Maintenance

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The longer your nails are, the harder they are to maintain, so we highly recommend trimming them down every two weeks or so. It’s also nice to keep a buffer and nail file with you at all times just in case you need to smoothen out your nails whenever necessary. If you want to have stylish long nails, you can also use gel nail extensions to make them longer artificially. Just make sure to apply those properly to avoid unintended side effects. It also helps to use cuticles regularly. This treatment not only keeps your cuticles strong and healthy but also helps moisturize your nail plates so they don’t crack easily.

nourishing oils

Double Dip Cuticle Nourishing Oil – #6


Nails Care Equipment

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Alongside taking care of your nails, you should also take care of the tools you use to maintain them too. Try to keep them clean and dry before storing them in your manicure kit so that they don’t oxidize and eventually rust. You should also be mindful of the sharpness of your nail clippers as they can become dull and difficult to cut with after enough use. Check the expiration dates for all of the liquids you use during a manicure and make sure they are tightly closed and away from direct sunlight when they are in storage. If you are getting your nails done in a salon, try to keep an eye out for how the people working there handle their equipment. One of the ways you can get an infection in a salon is when people share dip powder, so we recommend just getting your own dip powder starter kit to prevent that.

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Taking a Break

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Nail polish is nice, but you should also give your nails a break every now and then. Don’t forget that you are still using chemicals on your nails that are not exactly made to resist, so even the safest nail polish solution can harm your nails if you use them too often. Have some time to just let your natural nails breathe and regenerate, and they’ll become more resistant to the effects of chemicals in the future. Food rich in protein is also highly beneficial as it directly leads to healthier nails. It’s also best to wear gloves whenever you handle chemicals while you are cleaning or any sort of activity similar to it so they don’t get into your nails.

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 nail removal kit

Nail Removal Clips Kit


Final Thoughts

You don’t need fancy equipment to take care of your nails professionally. All it takes is good hygiene and a proper diet to keep them looking clean and elegant. If you notice any prolonged irregularities in your nails, consult a dermatologist immediately. We hope this helped!

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