January 2023 horoscope is here

 January 2023 horoscope is here

As you begin January 2023, it may not feel like a completely new start due to the ongoing astrological influences from the previous year, including the first Mercury retrograde of 2023 (which actually started in 2022) and the continuation of Mars retrograde. However, with Venus entering Aquarius on January 2, we are also looking toward the future.

This month, it will be helpful to find comfort in the transitional, liminal space as we work to manifest our desires for the year ahead. There may be epiphanies and aha moments in the first week of January for those seeking answers. Additionally, the first full moon of the year, which rises on January 6 and occurs in the Cancer-Capricorn axis, may expose imbalances in our lives and provide an opportunity to do some final clean-up before moving forward.

What are the Lucky colors for January 2023?

In 2023, blue and green are considered lucky and energizing colors to wear, especially in the fashion, home decor, and wedding industries. These colors are associated with peace and gentleness in this year.

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Aries, it's time to get back on track in January. Start organizing your priorities and getting ready for action. The planets Mars and Mercury will be moving forward in the sky on January 12 and January 18, respectively, which will bring positive changes to your career and communication skills. Venus will also be in a good position for networking, so you may have the opportunity to meet someone who can help you achieve your goals in these areas. The dates January 18, January 24, and January 29 are especially lucky for you, so make the most of them.



During the month of January, it may feel as though things are starting off slowly, which may be a welcome change for Taurus individuals. From January 2 to January 26, the planet Venus will be influencing your career sector, which may bring about positive changes such as a raise or promotion. Additionally, Mars going direct on January 12 could also bring about good news in regard to your career. This may be a good time to start or launch any projects that you have been putting off, as the new moon on January 21 will also be occurring in your sector of public reputation. Keep in mind that whatever decisions or actions you take during this time may have long-term effects, as the planet Saturn, which is associated with time, will also be present with Venus during this time.



During the month of January, Gemini individuals may be drawn to engaging in deep introspection and considering making significant changes in their lives. This may be especially true in regard to their careers and long-term goals. However, it may be wise to wait until January 18 to make any major moves, as the planet Mercury will be going direct on this date. Beginning on January 26, you may start to gain insight into how these changes will play out in the long term, as Venus enters your career and public reputation sector. Additionally, January 29 may be a particularly meaningful day for gaining clarity about your path forward, so it may be helpful to pay attention to any signs or signals that may come your way on this day.



The beginning of the month will be intense for Cancer due to the presence of a full moon on January 6th. This full moon, which is occurring in Cancer's own sign, will bring to light any imbalances in their life and prompt them to make positive changes. If they are unhappy with their current situation, this is a good time for them to leave the past behind and move on. On January 12th, Mercury will go direct, resolving any relationship problems they may have been experiencing. Also on that day, the asteroid Juno will enter Cancer's tenth house of public visibility, renewing their dedication to their pursuits. The asteroid Pallas is currently retrograde in Cancer's sign, so they may be focusing on reevaluating their life strategy for the future.


There are significant changes in store for Leo in January. One important date to note is January 8th, when the Black Moon Lilith enters Leo's sign. This transit will last until October, and during this time Leo will feel a strong desire to break free from rules and norms. This may be exciting for those around them to witness. Relationships will also be a focus for Leo this month. Mercury retrograde will end on January 18th, which will mark the completion of revisions on work projects. If Mercury retrograde caused any relationship issues, Leo can seek a fresh start at the January 21st new moon. Venus will be helping them to resolve any difficulties.


It has been a challenging time for Virgo, with both Mars and Mercury retrograde at the same time. However, they can expect to receive some helpful insights on January 5th, January 8th, and January 9th that will allow them to find solutions to their problems. When Mars goes direct on January 12th, Virgo will realize that these setbacks were necessary for their growth. On January 18th, when Mercury goes direct, it would be a good idea for Virgo to engage in a brainstorming session. Their mind will be full of ideas, some of which could lead to new opportunities in the future. The month will end on a positive note when Venus enters Virgo's relationship sector on January 26th, bringing romance and connection.


In January, Libra may feel like they are facing a difficult decision between two different paths. The influence of Venus, which is Libra's ruling planet, in combination with Uranus and Saturn may be causing them to hesitate about whether or not to commit to something. It would be wise for them to take some time to think and consider their options, but they should try to hold off on making any decisions until later in the month when they have more information. Once the sun enters Aquarius, Libra may decide to make things official with someone, in which case January 21st would be a good time to have a serious conversation about the relationship. When Venus enters Pisces on January 26th, Libra may feel more confident that they have made the right choice as they grow closer to their new love.


Scorpio may be feeling drained at the start of the month due to Mars's retrograde. It would be a good idea for them to take some time to rest and recharge during the first part of the month. Engaging in self-care activities such as doing their own nails at home can be cathartic and may even spark new ideas. Scorpio should also be mindful of their words during the period from January 12th to January 18th, as the imbalanced aspect between Mars and Mercury may cause them to say something they don't mean. If there have been issues at home, the January 21st new moon in Aquarius is an ideal time for Scorpio to seek a fresh start. It's also a good opportunity for them to start a home renovation or creative projects.


Since October 30th, Mars retrograde has been impacting Sagittarius's relationships with others. This influence will end on January 12th, leading to more harmonious interactions. Communication will be a focus for Sagittarius in January as Venus and the Sun activate their voice. If they are working on a written project or presentation, the January 21st new moon will provide the boost it needs to be successful, so it would be a good idea to start it a few days after that date. The month will end on a positive note when Venus enters Sagittarius's home sector on January 26th, bringing them closer to the people they love.


During the month of January, you, as a Capricorn, will be focused on reviewing, revising, and redoing work projects. This will also cause you to think more about your happiness and your relationships with others. Pay attention to the period between January 12 and January 18, when Mercury and Mars go direct, as this will provide you with guidance on how to move forward. You may also be considering financial matters, whether that involves spending money or planning a budget for 2023. It is a good idea to make any necessary changes around the time of the January 21 new moon, as the current astrological conditions will help you stay committed to your plans.


Happy birthday, Aquarius! As you enter the new month, you will experience Mercury retrograde in a sensitive area of your astrological chart. This may require you to rest and also pay attention to your dreams, as they may contain important clues and themes. Ultimately, this transit is encouraging you to confront and overcome your insecurities. You may want to make necessary adjustments when the Sun enters your sign on January 20, at which point you will have a better understanding of what should be kept and what should be let go as you move into 2023. January 24 is a particularly fortunate day for you, so be sure to take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. The universe is aligning in your favor, so this is a good time to take a bold step forward.


During this month, you may find that others are particularly frustrating due to Mars and Mercury retrograde occurring in sensitive parts of your astrological chart. It is important to set and maintain boundaries to protect yourself, especially between January 12 and January 18. On January 12, asteroid Juno enters your financial sector, signaling a good time to create a new budget and get your finances in order. If you have debt, Juno's influence can help you stay focused on paying it off, with the goal of being debt-free by the fall. As Aquarius season begins on January 21, you may feel the desire to spend more time alone, resting, and replenishing your energy in preparation for your birthday month.


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