July To December Nail Designs 2022

Wow! Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? We’re already halfway through 2022! This year has certainly been full of surprises already, but buckle up because the most exciting days are yet to come. With events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the holidays right around the corner, there are more than enough ways to gather with friends or meet new people. Of course, you wouldn’t want to be caught in any one of these events looking like you barely just got out of bed, and neither do we. For that, we’ve prepared some stylish nail art designs for 2022 for you that are guaranteed to amaze.


Beach-Goers Favorites

Here are some seaside-themed summer nail designs for short nails that are perfect for the summer season. These nails feature pastel colors and a light ombre to truly accentuate the ocean hues. Nail glitter was also used to represent sand and bubbles on the sea. Teal, coral, navy blue, and sky blue are colors that we highly recommend as these match the theme you should go for quite well. Additionally, they reflect light, so you wouldn’t have to worry much about keeping them under the sun. It should be quite obvious now why we pick these as the best nail designs for summer. With a bit more work and creativity, you can also try to pull off a Summer French tip nail design that will sure to impress even professional nail technicians.


Are you new to French tips? Here is an easy tutorial for you: How To DIY French Tip Dip Powder Manicure Tutorial

Try something new for your summer getaway with some double French tip nails. Here is how to. Easy Double French Tip Nail Tutorial | Mini Gel Tip Kit




1374-Hippie Mermaid, 586-Shimmer Spritzer, Glitters, Summer, Coffin Shape, Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Ombre, Pastel



 735-Egyptian Goddess, Blue, Summer, Coffin Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Ombre, Neon 4


Angel Duron


745-Sweet Pea, 497-Teal Limpets, 1332-Goldie Lock, Glitters, Mermaid, Summer, Scale of Fish, Coffin Shape, Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Ombre 11


Courtney Cooper


CP008-Good Luck, Glitters, Spring, Coffin Shape, Extra Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Ombre, Pastel 3


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Running out of blue manicure ideas? Don’t worry, here are stunning blue manicure ideas you can try.


Autumn Breeze

When fall comes, the general motif is gold, brown, red, and orange, so these simple nail designs revolve around those colors specifically. We take a far more subtle approach with this one compared to our previous theme. Use solid colors as a base, then decorate it with some golden decals and stickers. Simplicity is key to these cute autumn nail designs, so we recommend applying a small number of decorations to let the colors stand out.

Here are other fun fall nail ideas to try. 


Harvest The Fall Gel Line Art 12 Colors Set


_Leslie Buckley(Full Name)


401-Pumpkin Spice, 710-Fortune Cookies, 1400-God's Masterpiece, Brown, Coffin, Long, Natural, Nail Stamp, Glitter 



503-Hot Fudge, 405-Salted Caramel, Fall Starter Kit, Autumn, Fall, Coffin Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Stripe, Design 2


Angel Duron


640-Peach Peal, 405-Salted Caramel


Brandee Specyal


450-Lava Cake, Square Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Fall, Brown, Foil


Thanksgiving Special

For Thanksgiving, you’d want a nail design that focuses on deep and dark colors so they stand out at the dinner table, or in a gathering with your friends and family. There’s actually not much difference between this theme and the autumn nail designs, apart from the darker shade of colors used and the intentionally mismatched colors. Using coffin or almond gel nail extensions can also make them look bold and striking as there is a larger surface area for the nail polish color to shine. Autumn leaves decal is a fine addition that can really set the mood for the cool and relaxed season.


Mini gel tip kit


Courtney Cooper



517-Rust And Onyx, CP016-Treasure Box, Coffin Shape, Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Fall, Autumn 2


Ally Cipollini


503-Hot Fudge, 606-Espresso Mauve, Autumn, Coffin Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Solid Color 4


Angel Duron

Instagram: @angelic_nailz

710-Fortune Cookies


Solstice Shift

Celebrate the winter solstice with these vibrant nail polish ombres. These nails use a combination of complementary colors in order to represent the duality of the seasonal transition. You can go crazy with your nail decorations here because the overall theme for this event is changed. Essentially, it should look like your nails are also transitioning from autumn to winter, and this theme fully-embraces that concept.


Evelyn Valera


 516-Candy Canes, Solid Color, Coffin Shape, Medium Nails, Fake Nails, Tips, Design


Jackie Bragg


1404-Jack Frost, 598-Sea Glass, Coffin Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Glitters, Ombre, Summer, Spring, Winter 1


Jackie Bragg


Mystery Color, 064-Leviathan, 616-Desert Glaze, Coffin Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Glitters, Christmas Theme 1


Winter Wonderland

This theme is pretty self-explanatory. It captures the essence of the holidays and the cold season. In that regard, use cold light colors like blue, pink, and white, and combine it with some holiday-themed nail decals. Similar to the summer nails, you can use clear glitter to resemble the sparkling flakes of snow of winter. Finally, you can give your nails a candy-like appearance by applying pastel-colored gel polish like icing.

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Brandis Hulett



624-Suave and Smart, 650-Cupcakes and Frosting, 1310-Quintessential, Winter Holiday Gel Kit, Almond Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Rhinestone


Jennifer Juers



871-Blue-tiful, Almond Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Snowflakes, Blue, Winter 3


Annette McGinty


Dipping Pixie(YouTube)

571-Bohemian Moon, 1404-Jack Frost, Coffin Shape, Long Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Glitters, Snowflakes, Gray Wisp, Winter


Kristine Besch


716-Starry Night, Coffin Shape, Medium Nail, Fake Nail, Tips, Winter, Stamp, Blue


Final Thoughts

These are definitely candidates for the most popular nail designs of 2022, but what did you think of them? As always, you can apply changes to them in order to best suit your personal tastes. Let your own creativity flow into your nail art designs, and the results will truly speak for themselves! 

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