June's Limited Edition color CP011 - Sunrise Mimosa

Sunrise Mimosa

🌞 Rise and Shine, lovely Double Dip Babes! 🌻

As promised, we are releasing our next monthly Limited Edition color on our website💕

You guys are the first to hear about it!

We all know yellow is one of the hottest summer nail colors of all time that matches any occasion! This bright hue is a perfect pick to try weather for a beach, office, or even night out with friends!

Say hi to our lovely "Sunrise Mimosa". 💛 And hear Grace’s inspiring story on this beautiful shade:

"I want to thank Double Dip for letting me be a part of their monthly color collection. I think you guys will enjoy this fun orange shade, filled with great accent sparkles.

Whether you're wearing it to the beach or going out to eat, you are sure to show those summer-loving vibes. There is nothing like a nice summer day, hanging out with your girlfriends at brunch and having some refreshing mimosas.

Ever since college, the girls and I have made sure to always stay in touch even if it’s for one day out of the week. We have our tradition of having brunch and just letting things go for a couple of hours. Talking about our day-to-day lives, sharing advice and then there’s me, raving away about my nails!

So remember to catch up with some old friends, especially with everything happening now. Everyone could use a mimosa here and there (;"

Sunrise Mimosa

This yellow dipping powder is a gem! It has tons of beautifully mixed colors incorporated in one dip powder! You can spark your manicure using this Limited Edition dipping powder with your favorite gold/silver nail art designs, flowers, or rhinestones! A nail extension won’t disappoint either! Pictures don't give justice! 

Butterfly Decal Kit

Yellow is a versatile color with a deep variety of hues that can be worn on many occasions, any wardrobe or style! Get your own Limited Edition Sunrise Mimosa now and make a statement of your unique personality in an elegant fun or casual overall look with this dip powder!


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