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Keeping you DoubleDip products safe this winter season

Keeping you DoubleDip products safe this winter season. 
What’s just as important as the prepping process is the storing stage. Stowing away your dip manicure products willy-nilly could ruin them. Let’s save you your hard-earned moolah! Just follow this storage system after you’re done prettifying your nails.
Check The Room Temperature & Humidity
DO store your supplies in a cool, dry place, DON'T store your supplies in a damp room
Dipping products are temperature sensitive. That’s why you have to avoid leaving them in humid conditions. Humidity can alter the chemical makeup of your dip powder and dip liquids and *gasp* even make them unusable. 
You have to keep your hands, and your product warm. Also, all three conditions must be controlled: If the product and the room are warm but your hands are cold, the product will still crystallize.
Never use cold monomer.  Make sure the bottles of liquid monomer and primer get warmed up as well. Primer is sensitive to cold and will freeze at about 40°F. It will quickly warm to room temperature on its own, or you can set it under your table lamp so it warms more quickly. Whatever you do, however, don’t allow the product to get warmer than room temperature.
For me tips and tricks head over to our facebook group where you can ask a community of nail fanatics anything you might think of. 
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