Nail Accessories That You Must Have at Home

Though many folks still practice social distancing, you'll still end up in need of a nail refresh. With nail salons operating at limited hours and capacity, it is often tough to acquire the results you're used to when taking care of your nails at the comfort of your home.

In this article, we will elaborate on some helpful manicure tools that you will be needing. From professional, high-quality, and affordable manicure tools which help you do your own nails at home.


12 Pcs Manicure Nail Buffer Kit

12 Pcs Manicure Nail Buffer Kit

This all-in-one Nail buffer kit is a must-have! If you’re on the go and loves to do your own manicure everywhere and anytime, this pretty kit won’ let you down plus the pretty Portable Holographic bag is so compact and aesthetically pretty!


Professional Grade Cuticle Nipper

Professional Grade Cuticle Nipper

Another favorite must-have, a cuticle nipper that is designed for both right- and left-handed users. It had been created with a pointy precision point to form snipping excess cuticles as effortlessly as possible. Just give a little amount of pressure and snip away!


Double Dip Cuticle Nourishing Oil – #6:


Double Dip Cuticle Nourishing Oil – #6

This liquid delivers the job and has the right amount of natural nourishment which your nails deserve! This will help your nails look healthy and grow faster!


Double Dip Top Glossy 2.0 – #4


Double Dip Top Glossy 2.0 – #4

A high-quality top coat that provides a high-gloss and long-lasting manicure, that doesn’t smell bad and has a quick-drying effect. Get yours now!


Fruit Nail Decal Set and Stickers


Fruit Nail Decal Set and Stickers

If you’re into nail art, these cute and trendy Fruit Nail Decal Set and stickers are for you! They are so easy to use and best for this coming summer season to complete your summer mani!


Acrylic & Dip Removal Easy No Mess Soak Off Clips


We don’t want our nails growing out and getting old! These pretty nail clips allow you to simply change your manicure set at any time! With these soak-off clips, you'll easily match your clothes or change your nails for any special occasion! Thanks to soaking your nails without the effort of getting to a salon, or worse, ruining your nails by peeling them off!


Acetone or Alcohol Push Down Pump Dispenser Bottle

Acetone or Alcohol Push Down Pump Dispenser Bottle

A Sturdy-designed plastic bottle with a high-pressure spring that can be used for anything – may it be alcohol, acetone, nail polish remover, makeup remover, or even as a toner container. It is portable and has a lockable head to prevent mistakenly pressing. A must-have for everyone who is into nail art or makeup.


50 PCS Clear Square Nail Tip Sticks

50 PCS Clear Square Nail Tip Sticks

These 50 pieces of acrylic, high-quality Clear Nail Display Sticks are made durable, smooth, and easy to use. This allows you to Collect different Dipping Powders and Nail Polish, which can be used as practice or for displaying your work. You can easily write on it too - best for beginners or even for a nail salon business!


Nail Tool & Accessories Sanitization Box

Nail Tool & Accessories Sanitization Box

Nowadays, sanitizing our Nail Tools and Accessories should be a priority. Especially if you own a Nail Salon spa, we must see to it that we provide the best services to our dear customers – and one of that is having well-sanitized and clean nail tools! That is why this wireless sterilizing box is a must not just for a nail salon but as well as for any household.


Mermaid Nail Dust Brush

Mermaid Nail Dust Brush

Include these gorgeous sets of Mermaid Nail Dust Brushes in your Nail Art collection. These cute holographic mermaid tail-designed brushes are made of soft and fluffy fiber bristle! For everyone who loves to do their manicure and make-up at the same time. You should have these!


Pointed Tweezer

Pointed Tweezer

This Stainless Steel that has a Pointed Tip tweezer is the perfect nail tool for cleaning off your nail stamping plates and nail art ideas. You will never need any other tweezer again. Also perfect for Ingrown Hairs and Splinters.

Avoid the hassle of going to the nail salon and shop for these affordable and easy-to-find alternatives to help you do your nails at home! So shop now and get that professional look for a portion of the price!


Nail File 100/100

Complete your manicure pedicure kit with this supply of nail tools. Suitable for men's care and pet grooming works with all artificial, acrylic sets, gel tops, and false tips.

Removes nail gel from extended or fake nails. All you need for the perfect nail care.


Travel Manicure Kit


The manicure set contains 7 tools (large nail clippers, small oblique nail clippers, eyebrow scissors, eyebrow tweezer, ear pick, nail file, nail cleaner) for hand care, foot care, and facial care, which can meet your personal care needs. High-quality manicure kit and nail grooming kit for men, boys, teenagers, seniors, women, and girls.



50pcs Color Stiletto Nail Tip Sticks



Nail Display Sticks are made with high-quality acrylic, sturdy, durable, smooth, and easy to apply.

Perfect for nail practice, display, dip powder collection, nail polish collection, and nail art design work.



Nail File Set 25/Pack



Works with all artificial, acrylic sets, gel tops, and false tips; Removes nail gel from extended or fake nails.






A must-have item for your DIY craft project or to create a sophisticated and unique style.

These decals are vivid and adorable and the best fit for you. They are nice for nail art decorations, making your nails look more attractive and beautiful in a crowd. 



2 in 1 French Dip Tray for French Manicure



DoubleDip 2-in-1 Tray is a professional applicator created for an effortlessly classy french set any beginner can do.

Doubledip is a very natural, healthy and nail strengthening alternative compared to acrylics and gel polish. No more risks of strong fumes or chemical odors that could possibly harm your nails and even your health.


Manicure Tools Set



These professional Manicure Tools Set are suitable for fingernails, toenails, natural or false nails, acrylic nails, dog or pet grooming.


Pink Dust Brush



Soft to the touch works great, very easy to clean. Big and fluffy. Easy to hold. Great for dusting dipping powder from nails.


Wooden Cuticle Pusher



For nail art, nail manicure, pedicure, DIY and craft work, or simply clean the hard-to-reach area, like under nails, nail side wall cuticle clean

Excellent quality: natural wood material, very sturdy and durable, not flimsy, safe and smooth finished with no splintering


Pink Magnet Pen



A necessary tool for cat eye gel polish. This pen can absorb and make magical patterns. Easy to apply and can easily get the cat-eye effect. Perfect for fine nail artwork, suitable for professional use and home use. 


Self Adhesive Nail Art



This beautiful nail sticker can get beautiful and unique nails in a few minutes.

A fun and simple nail decoration that will give you a unique look that will give you professional results without the need for a nail salon.


Polygel Nail Clip



Poly Gel Quick Building Nail Tips Clip help you do the quick poly building gel much easier and gives better effect.

Made of high quality plastic and the clip can be used for long time with your poly quick building gel.


Cuticle Scissor



Made of premium carbon stainless steel, our scissors stay sharp for decades and never rust.


Cala Short Brush



Made of soft fine nylon fiber perfect for nail application. The bristles are very soft and fine to dust off any acrylic dust from your nails.



Fine Point Tip Tweezer



This tweezer is the perfect nail tool for cleaning off your nail stamping plates and nail art ideas. 


Nail File 80/80



All you need for the perfect nail care; Trim your edges to an ideal fingernail.


50 PCS Clear Stiletto False Nail Tips Sticks



50 Pcs that allow you To Collect different Dip Powder and Nail Polish! Easy to Write on and Label.

It can be used as practice or for displaying your work of arts. 


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