Nail Art Ideas That'll Make You Want To Use Every Nail Dip Kit Collection

July 4th Decal Kits

Stepping out into the nail salon with a new set of manicured nails can make you feel like a whole new person and there's nothing wrong with a little pampering and indulging a self-sweet treat to make you feel good once in a while. But on the other side of the coin, it can be a bit costly. Especially if you settle for some nail art designs!

No worries here at Double Dip we rounded up some of our favorite DIY easy and fun nail designs that you can do at home and perhaps with the nail dipping colors that you already have!


Nail Starter Kit for Beginners For Salon-Worthy Manicure at Home

Star Spangle Spark Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

star spangle spark nail dip powder starter kit

July 4th Nail Design

Show your American pride with this fun and simple manicure design! The adorable Star Spangle Spark Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit has a set of beautiful stickers too that is sure to bring out endless compliments!


Wanna know more about this precious Star Spangle Spark Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit? Click here.


Limited Edition Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes Nail Dip Kit

Limited Edition Mermaid Kisses and Starfish Wishes Nail Dip Kit

Mermaid Nail Dip Design

This limited edition kit is a game-changer! We’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback from our Double Dip babes about this gorgeous kit. It has a set of dipping powders that you can pair up to any of your outfits of the day! The possibilities are endless with this kit!

French Nail Dip Starter Kit with Dip Trays

Best Selling French Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit with Dip Tray

French Dip Powder Starter Kit

Are you still a newbie or still learning the art? Don’t worry, you don't need to go mad with patterns or motifs to have an eye-catching manicure. Try a simple yet classy French Manicure. Promise, it won't disappoint!


How To DIY French Tip Dip Powder Manicure Tutorial

Summer Nail Dip Starter Kit

Summer Nail Dip Starter Kit

Natasha Rookwood, @dip_tasha_dip(IG), G4-Pop Yellow, 478-90's Baby, 440-Goo Getter, Summer Starter Kit, Summer, Stilletto Shape, Extra Long Nail, Fake Nail, Acrylic, Design, Neon (1)

This summer inspired nail design issa vibe! You can add rhinestones, stickers or nail decals if you want to. Be crafty and for sure your nails will be envied by everyone!


Choco Kisses Nail Dip Starter Kit + Nail Sticker

Trending Choco Kisses Nail Dip Starter Kit + Nail Sticker

Choco Kisses Nail Dip Design

Spice up your neutral or dark dipping powders and try this nail design now! No color combo is off-limits with this chic style Choco Kisses Nail Dip Starter Kit + Nail Sticker!


Friday Night Party Glow Nail Starter Kit

Friday Night Party Glow Nail Starter Kit



If you want to have a head-turning manicure but don't have much patience to sit and do your nails, then it's time for you to try Friday Night Party Glow Nail Starter Kit! This glow-in-the-dark set of dipping powders elevates your overall look and will surely bring a "wow" factor to the people around you!


Classic Nail Dip Starter Kit

Classic Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

Classic Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

We love the plainness of this neutral yet trendy manicure design! You can combine a unique dip color and achieve this marble two-toned kind of manicure. Indeed simplicity with a twist!


Pastel Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

The Best Pastel Nail Dip Powder Starter Kit

Dip Powder Nail Starter Kit

Jackie Bragg, @braggsie_dipnails(IG), 642-Bunny Nose, 565-Magnolia, 1425-Enchanted, Pastel Starter Kit, Solid Color, Spring, Coffin Shape, Long Nails, Fake Nails, Tips, Pastel

We're suckers for a fine pastel manicure look and numerous shades? Even better. You can mirror the color order on each hand for a more refined look. 


Do you wanna be more acquainted with Double Dips best starter kits that are best for beginners or pro’s? Click the links down below.

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Some of us may not be born professional nail artists, but luckily with this set of easy-to-do nail manicure looks and some Double Dip youtube tutorials, that wouldn't be a problem at all!


Check out  Double Dip Nail Art Decal Sets now! Shop and treat yourself now. Pay later with Afterpay and Klarna.

Butterfly Nail Decal Kit

Fruit Decal Set

Dry Flower Nail Decal Kit

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Whether you want to slay a set of rhinestones, luxury, or gold sticker decals along your cuticles, a bold or light gradient across all your 10 fingers, simple glitter or pastel designs, or even the classic French mani, you're surely finding two or three manicure looks that you like, above. See all and pick your favorite nail design and kit now and don't forget to tag or mention on any of our social forms below!


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