Make That Nail Biting Habit a Thing of the Past

Make That Nail Biting Habit a Thing of the Past

Nail-biting is a tough habit to break… whether you’ve been trying to quit for years, or you’ve recently decided to try to kick it, it can be a challenge to let your nails grow long and strong.

No one has a definitive answer for why about 20% of the population has this habit - most evidence points to it functioning as a way of calming down when stressed...and creating stimulation when bored.

Whatever the root cause, it can get men and women alike hooked on a good feeling when you even out uneven nails, and the positivity that comes with feeling well-groomed. But unfortunately… most women would rather not bite their nails and try to quit at some point.

There is a barrage of methods - just try googling it and you’ll find a ton of suggestions ranging from polishes to gloves to phone apps.

And there are lots of good reasons to give this habit the boot. Biting your nails opens a path for infections to take root, and can cause permanent damage to your nail bed.

Apart from the gimmicks, most methods follow one of two philosophies about quitting - you either make the experience of biting your nails so unbearably unpleasant that you won’t be tempted to try it anymore. Or, you find other ways to handle the kinds of situations that usually lead to nail-biting.

A bitter-tasting polish would fall into the former group while keeping a stress ball nearby would fall into the second category.

But there are ways to make quitting a habit the start of something beautiful - literally, by doing your nails with a non-biteable manicure finish.

Instead of punishing yourself with an unpleasant deterrent, or trying to completely re-work your daily habits, doing your nails is more of a celebration.

Regular polish usually doesn’t do the trick… it’s too thin and therefore can still give way to teeth. But other styles of manicures work beautifully because they’re thick enough to be unbeatable.

Dip nails are the perfect anti-bite mani because with our at-home kits they’re affordable and quick. Plus, if applied properly a dip mani lasts up to six weeks, so they’re low maintenance too!


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