The 5 Nail Colors You Need for Fall

The 5 Nail Colors You Need for Fall

As the leaves begin to change, you may be thinking about the changes you need to make to your wardrobe. But don't forget to change your beauty look, too. One of the easiest ways to transition your look from summer nail to fall is to change up your nail color. Whether you are looking for a classic shade for hay rides or a shocking shade for a spooky date night our fall collection has you covered. 


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Nude pink

You can never go wrong with a nude nail, especially one with a slight hint of pink. One of the best parts of using this shade is that it's a great color to wear to any event. Its simple elegance is truly a staple point in its self. 




Deep Burgundy

We’ve always been fans of vampy burgundy nails, especially when paired with a light or neutral outfit. Burgundy is classic but isn’t in your face like some bright cherry reds—definitely one of our go-to's every fall.



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Gray is one of the few colors that look good in any sort of finish—matte, glossy, or sparkly. And we’re totally loving the wide range of choices this season. From Hazy mist to Kendell charcoal, the possibilities are endless! 



Orange doesn’t have to look like a full-on disco party and this shade proves just that. While most people probably think that orange is anything but understated, we disagree: as long as there’s minimal—if any—specks of glitter in it, you’re good to go, even for work.





When temps dip, swap all your baby blues for something richer, like our shade The Dance and optimum blue Similar to navy, these dark indigos, in our opinion, feel more wearable than jet black. Even though we’re talking about fall, we still like a little bit of color on nails! 




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