Nail manicure Ideas for Fall 2021

Nail manicure Ideas for Fall 2021

From the falling leaves to the cooler temperatures and stunning shades, this season is one among the foremost inspirational for fashion. Whether you're keen on the brown and neutral trends, you usually add a pop of color to your attire, otherwise, you keep it minimal all year round, we’ve found the right fall nail designs that each fashionista will love. 


In this article we’re going to save you from thinking about the best fun nail manicure design ideas for fall, that will both look pretty on short and long nails!

 maple nail sticker


What nail colors are trending now?

The top nail shape trends for the year 2021 are almond and ballerina-shaped nails. And for the colors like soft red, creamy blue, bright pink, dark turquoise, milk chocolate, sand, and grey. Details like holographic finishes, glitter, and ombre are also trendy for the year 2021.


Mixed-Textured Nails

Angel Duron @angelic_nailz(IG) 640-Peach Peal, 405-Salted Caramel

Angel Duron

Are you looking for a versatile manicure that you can wear all year round? Yes. Shake up your style with this extraordinary mani that’s perfect for your fall OOTD’s.


Cloudy Cute Nani

Leslie Buckley @les.donails(IG) 559-Emerald, 565-Magnolia, 486-Clear Sky, 642-Bunny Nose, 428-Medallion
Leslie Buckley

Celebrate and show some love for the Fall season with this dreamy and cute manicure! Incorporate pastel colors, neutrals into bold colors, and don’t forget to add some spice to your overlook mani look by adding hand-painted nail art designs!


Alternating Fall Shades

Anais Caraballo @diy_anais(IG) 503-Hot Fudge, 526-Brown Sugar, 484-Sugar Swizzle

Anais Caraballo

Be tempted with this gorgeous set of browns! You can either wear this short or long, perfect for any nail shape and best to complement your leather boots!


Minimalist Mani for Fall

Ashley Bascherini @ashley_flimsyclaws(IG) 636-Timeless Sage, 1396-Tarnished Brass

Ashley Bascherini

Let your beautiful fingers do the talking! Best for long almond shaped nails. Do this mani at home because now is the perfect season to try this stylish minimalist mani.


Classic Brown Shimmer

Angel Duron @angelic_nailz(IG) 710-Fortune Cookies

Angel Duron

One of the all-time favorite mani colors that we can rely on is a Brown Shimmer or any hues of nudes and browns. Look for shades of brown that will compliment your skin color and don’t forget to complete the look with some accessories, you’ll be stunning for any occasion with this mani!


Fall Blooms

Kaylee Ross @mani.can.nails(IG) 437-Soft Pretzel, 640-Peach Peal

Kaylee Ross

This nail art resembles a fall-season masterpiece. Use nature-inspired nail art decals or stickers, paint flowers or leaves on your nails, and don’t forget to finish it up with a layer of Top Coat to make sure everything is beautifully sealed!


Earthy tones for Fall

Samantha Fortenberry @manis_by_samantha(IG) 1376-Spring Goddess, 748-St.Nicholas

Samantha Fortenberry

A significant color of all seasons, so why not wear it everywhere? This beautiful mani is perfect for any skin tone and nail shape. You’ll surely be rocking your fall outfit with this mani!


Glitz and Glam

Samantha Fortenberry @manis_by_samantha(IG) 552-Marshmallow, 429-Expensive Pink

Samantha Fortenberry

The combination of 552-Marshmallow and 429-Expensive Pink is the epitome of style and glamour! Complete this flattering mani with a hint of glitters and a glossy finish topcoat.


Green Shimmer Abstract Mani

@nails_by.kylie(IG) 457-Dark Forest


For those who want to experiment with colors, patterns, and style this is the ideal easy mani for you! Make sure to have well-prepped nails to achieve this chic mani.


Glittery Pink Nail Tips

Amber Brown @amber.nicholes.nails(IG) 662-Pink Winks, 1342-Pretty Petals

Amber Brown

This simple yet lovely mani flatters every skin complexion that is perfect for your fall accessories and can pretty much go with everything.


Flower Power

America flores @americasnails_(IG) @yolisma.20(Tiktok) 578-Strawberry Mousse, 583-Perennial Bloom

America flores

Express your arty self and celebrate the beauty of the fall season with this elegant manicure. This is indeed a trendy manicure that’s perfect for the fall season!


Gold Minimal Nail Art

@kcol.nails(IG) 503-Hot Fudge, 405-Salted Caramel


Look how cozy and elegant this manicure looks? Turn your classic fall mani into more stylish by adding gold foil lines or glitters, finish it with a shiny topcoat and your set!


Mix and Style 

Jennifer LaFountain 613-Dusty Peach, 640-Peach Peal, 1375-Let's Flamingle

Jennifer LaFountain
613-Dusty Peach, 640-Peach Peal, 1375-Let's Flamingle

Dip each fingernail with a single color inspiration from nature! -- a touch of 613 - Dusty Peach, 640 - Peach Peal, and 1375 - Let's Flamingle is a perfect combination to set a perfect mood for the fall!


If you’re already dreaming for fall we hope that this Fall Manicure Appreciation article helps! Pick the best nail design and try to do it yourself at home and have screenshot-worthy and stylish autumn nails this 2021!


Believe it or not, below are some nail colors men adored!



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