National Friendship Day: Fun Things To Do With Your Best Friends

National Friendship Day

If you have a friend that genuinely checks on you almost every day and who is always there through ups and downs, then… every day is a National friendship day!

Whether you’re broke and wish to save lots of money without abandoning socializing or simply want to hold a call in a more intimate atmosphere with the people you're keen on the most, there are plenty of fun things to try to do together with your friends. From Netflix to cooking up a storm, here are 20 of the simplest hangout ideas.

Which date is Happy Friendship Day 2021?

International Friendship Day is widely known as the primary Sunday of August. The International Day of Friendship is observed on July 30. The day marks the importance of friends in our lives and therefore the way they create it better.

Costume Party

National friendship day

One of the most fun things to do at home with your squad is to get dressed up. Choose a theme or just play with your wardrobes! From the roaring 20s to superheroes - and acquire everyone psyched enough to make the difficulty by offering a funny prize. Lay on some snacks, drinks, and music in keeping with the theme, and get ready to mingle.

Netflix and Chill?

National friendship day

There are so many amazing series around that you can binge with friends. Go for one of the latest and popular! Have you watched the Queen Gambit? How about Lucifer?

Line up your friends’ favorite flicks, make some salty popcorn or homemade pizza, and get watching. You can choose a theme to get everyone excited: think about the suspense of fictional films or rom-com, action movies!

Afternoon Tea

National friendship day

Choose up some French fancies and scones with clotted cream, and pour yourselves a cup of Earl Grey or any Tea that you prefer. Make sure to set up a fine aesthetic set up with a vintage platter to lay it all out on. Champagne is totally necessary to round it all off!

Nail Your Manicures

National friendship day

Watch cool manicure videos on youtube that you can follow with your best friend. There are tons of beauty influencers online like Instagram, Pinterest, and Tiktok that have the hottest, easy, and fun manicure ideas that you'll surely enjoy! There's no need for you to waste your time and money at a nail salon to enjoy a spa date with your friend, you can save tons of your effort and budget by doing it at home. 

Check out Double Dip Nails dip powder nail kits now and start your own enjoyable dipping journey with a bang!

BBQ Night

National friendship day

There's nothing quite like a good barbeque in the backyard. There are some awesome GRILLING RECIPES online but confirm to organize some veggie sides for non-meat eaters, too.

Spa Night

National friendship day

This one's for the girls. Skincare is life and we all know Korean beauty is really trendy at the moment because of its thorough and relaxing 12-step routines, so surf and follow some wonderful beauty life hacks online and pamper yourselves at home!

Exercise Together

National friendship day

Dress up in your favorite workout outfits and lay out some mats. Turn the music up and pick a workout routine that you and your best friend preferred! There's a lot of beginner's excellent workouts that you can find on Youtube.


National friendship day

Old but gold! Non-stop giggles while trying to guess which niche film your friend is trying desperately to gesticulate within a 60-second deadline. Sometimes the only fun is that the best.

Make DIY Cocktails

National friendship day

Why not be your own bartender and have some alcohol experimentation at home with your BFF?

Pick one or two recipes to keep the budget down – and the mess, of course! Doing something simple and fruity like a mojito or margarita where you mix the ingredients together also means you won't need to pick up a cocktail shaker. There's a lot of DIY cocktails that you can check out online!

Karaoke Night

National friendship day

Got a musically inclined friend? Invite them over with their instrument in tow. A couple of drinks will make you forget your voice is more Celine Dion or Whitney Houston than Miley or Rihanna. Sing your heart out with your BFF'S to the latest chart hits in no time!

Indoor Picnic

Lay your prettiest blankets or set up an indoor tent over your living room floor or in the backyard. Make some easy sandwiches or DIY burgers and other cold snacks. Strawberry milkshakes, champagne, some fresh juice, and a mini bonfire will add to the atmosphere. Don't forget about string fairy lights and slow songs around the room for an aesthetic mood.

Bake Off

National friendship day

Have a baking contest with a friend. Get together and enjoy whipping up some cakes to share or ask everyone to bring one over. Add a competitive element by asking everyone to gauge each cake out of 10.

Poker Night

National friendship day

Organize it for fun or money! A poker night may be a fail-safe fun time - especially if you're all amateurs. Add drinking games and wear pajamas or funny customers during the game for a more hilarious night with friends!

Just Hang Out

National friendship day

If you're striving to find fun things to do with friends, relax. You can go ahead and just talk about what's happening in our society today, you can talk about anything. Or just play video games together, eat together or have a siesta date with your buddy! There's no getting to always confirm you're keeping your mates entertained. Sitting around nattering with you is usually priceless and when you're with the right people!


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