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Love and Understanding-November Limited Edition

Love & Understanding By Ciara Ames

The Story of this Color for me is this:

Just before finding this amazing group of ladies and starting my dip nails journey I enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training. One of our assignments was to find our Soul Vow (a single word) and then write its definition to us in this context (often this is nothing like a dictionary definition.)

Mine is this and was the inspiration for this color:

Understanding: is the transcription of others actions and words through the lens of unconditional Love.”

The Rose Gold represents unconditional love. A rose hued treasure for all of us in our lives. While the Holo Glitters are those moments where either we gave understanding to someone or received it from those in our lives.

Like a line from a song in my favorite Disney movie

“for once it might be grand to have someone understand”

I feel like everyone wants to find Love and Understanding in their lives. I know I’ve been looking for it my whole life.

I’ve found an abundance of it here in our Double Dip family and I hope that all our members feel that way as well. I was SO EXCITED to be a part of Novembers Limited Edition Color and to be able to share a little of that love with everyone!

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One thought on “Love and Understanding-November Limited Edition

  1. avatar Tonia Dechico-Wood says:

    Thanks for sharing your story and positivity. I enjoy watching all the lives of all the members doing swatches and manis. Seeing all the tips on different things dip powder is really helpful. I just notice the new color today and jumped on it. This company’s product is easy to use and very addictive.

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