Professional Manicurist Reveals How to Use Dip Nail Kits Properly

Professional Manicurist Reveals How to Use Dip Nail Kits Properly

In today's article, we will be sharing with you a step by step on how you can do dip nails, at the comfort of your home!

To begin, start pushing the cuticle back then filing and buffing the nails. Prepping the nails is key for the dip color to have a stronger hold to your nails.

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Brush off the excess or wash and dry your hands. 


Grab the dip base and apply a thin layer of three-quarters of the nail and dip your finger into the natural clear powder

Note: Whenever you apply the base make sure you apply a thin even layer to help build the strength of your nails.

(Repeat this step until each nail is coated then brush off the excess powder)


Apply another layer of the dip base just a hair away from the cuticle and dip it into the color you want to apply.

Tips: It is easier to do this by holding the powder at a 45 degree angle to prevent unwanted ridges that can be caused by pushing your nail too harshly into the dip. 


Let this dry on the nail for around 30 seconds before you brush off the excess powder and continue with the second color layer.


Apply the dip base again but this time on the entire nail before dipping it into the powder. 

If you notice we’re slowly getting closer to the nail cuticle. 

This helps prevent the cuticle from getting too bumpy and it will create more natural even looking results. 


Tap off excess powder and let the nail set for 30 seconds again to dry.


Grab your activator.

Apply a thin layer to each nail, this will activate and harden the nails without it they would never dry. 

Make sure to check and see if each nail is evenly coated, you can even tap on them to make sure they harden.


The next step is to shape, file, and buff your nails.

Since this is a starter kit we will just be using a regular file and buffer for this process.

You can start by shaping the edges of the nails, if you are a beginner there may be small sections that you forget to dip.

To fix this, you can file that side and closer to the color section. Make sure you also do this to the other side of the nail so that both sides of the nail are even.

You can even file the surface of your nail to flatten any imperfections that might be there.

You can also use the buffer to smooth out the surface until you get your desired  result.


Now, grab the top coat. 

Apply a thin layer to each nail and then wait two minutes or more for it to dry.

Once you’re sure all your nails are dry, apply another layer and wait for two minutes or more for the top layer to dry.


Then, grab the Nourishing Cuticle Oil and apply it to the ends of your cuticles and to the nail.

This is going to give you that fresh salon look.

You’re done!

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Dip Starter Kit

How to achieve the full shine of the Top Coat written instruction!

1. Apply a generous layer of activator.

2. Wait 1 minute and wash your hands without soap, just water and dry them.


        This step will help prevent the Top Gel's brush from getting hardened.

        3. Wait at least 1 minute for your nails to fully dry.

          4. Apply a thin smooth layer of the topcoat, a hairline away from your cuticle.

            5. Wait 2/3 minutes for the topcoat to dry and apply another layer of top coat.


              Please cover the tips of our nails to seal the entire color on the nails.


              This should help with the drying process and help it have a shine. 🙂

              Please be sure to not touch your nail or get anything on it because it is glue and will stick or cause texture. In addition, if you wish to fix the top coat of the nail you have already applied it to, please apply an activator to help harden the glue and fully file it off. Afterward, you can start from step one to fix your nail.

              Dip Starter Kit

              Top 6 tips and tricks that you should remember for a perfect Dip Powder Manicure at home

              1. Always Sanitize your hands by cleaning them with a lint-free wipe, and refrain from washing during the service. Dipping systems don’t interact well with water, as it can affect overly long dry times or lumpy shine.

                2. Always keep your natural nails oil-free. In order to have a long-lasting dip powder manicure, you should first get rid of the nail plate of oil. Establish a rough surface and clear away the natural shine with a medium-grit file. Then, make use of a bonder or dehydrator.

                  3. Dipping powders are apt to dissociate over time. To avoid the dreaded spotty color, shake and roll the jars before use. Storing them upside down can also help; when you flip them over, gravity naturally combines the contents.

                    4. Applying a coat of clear dip powder after the first two coats of color is a game-changer. Especially when using glitters or working with nail art designs. It allows the color, glitter, or nail art an extra layer of shielding when filing or buffing.

                      5. Before heading into color, apply the base layer by only painting the middle of the nail. Leave 10% of the space below the cuticle not painted, as well as both sidewalls, and then use a natural or clear dip powder. This skill helps you give the nail a C-curve, strengthening the nail plate while making your cuticles not too thick.

                        6. Applying too much base and top coat to your nails may result in bumpy surfaces which can make it tough to remove afterward.

                           Nail Dip Starter

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