💅 Pros and Cons of Dip Nails When You Do it in Nail Salon

Pros and Cons of Dip Nails

Here are some healthy benefits to doing your dip manicure at a Salon that you shouldn’t ignore.

Doing your manicure or treating yourself at the nail salon is one of the best ways to keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful. As they say, there’s no better feeling than getting your nails done and life’s too short to have boring nails! So let’s mention some of the great benefits of doing our dip manicures/pedicures in a nail salon. 

Here's how to prep the nails before doing your manicure : How to Prep your Natural Nails x KC Nails

A beautifully done manicure can change the way we feel about ourselves! Not only can it brighten up your mood, it can brighten the rest of your day. It is a reflection of our personality, how we love ourselves and how we take care of ourselves as well.

We all know that during this pandemic, we barely get the chance to visit or treat ourselves in a nail beauty salon anymore but having these manicures once in a while from a reputable nail salon is a must for both men and ladies. Since we use our hands on a daily basis, whether it’s working in an office or staying at home, we need to properly take care of them. Same thing goes with our feet. We put so much pressure on them everyday, and so it’s really important to give them some pampering when you have the chance. Visiting a nail beauty salon at least once or twice a month is a great way to do that!

At home when we’re busy doing something like cooking food, doing household chores, and especially when dealing with kids, we have to stay hygienic and always keep our nails clean. Don’t forget about Covid, too! For those who are working in an office, it’s even more essential to maintain hygiene by keeping our nails clean. We meet so many different people every day all day and in close proximity. Many times, we may express our opinions using hand gestures or shaking hands, and so it’s very clear to see that our nails must look presentable at all times. Even in a zoom meeting! 

Here are ideas for an affordable look you can easily at home with your DIY nail kit: Affordable salon look, done at home by you!

As they say, first impressions really make a difference. We are always trying to make the best impression and one of those ways is having gorgeous nails that look simple yet classy. They can be done by a professional nail artist in a nail Salon or at home, done by you! If we want to make ourselves look good and feel good, a well-cleaned beautiful manicure can surely make our day. Just simply having pretty nails can give us a great boost of confidence with almost no effort! 

A good manicure from a Nail Salon can help soothe our mind and relax our body. Just imagine: a cozy ambiance, a talented nail artist by your side, treating your nails with care and making them beautiful. Just sitting comfortably, relaxing your mind, all of it can really make a difference to your day. It can turn a bad day to a good one. Our hands are considered to be one of the most stressed or tensed body parts found on our body. The constant use of it in our daily lives can make it easily overlooked, overworked and worn out and we don’t want that! Based on research, our age can be seen quite visibly on the skin and, even more so on your hands. Our hands are known to be more exposed to daily wear and tear than any other body part on your body. Because we collect dirt and dead skin all the time, it’s no good to go without some treatment to give your hands a youthful glow. 

collagen gloves

VOESH Intensive Hand Care Collagen Gloves


Having your dip manicure or pedicure done by a nail tech in a nail salon is known to be one of the best ways to provide relaxation to our mind, body and soul. It helps our nails to look beautiful and feel healthy, too. An expert nail technician can perform the proper skin treatments to exfoliate and nourish your skin and care for your natural nails without any risk of damage. This will leave your hands feeling smooth and soft, as well as reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Aside from exfoliating, moisturizing, and giving your nails some tender loving care, nail technicians can also offer a stress-free massage which helps in blood circulation and is just very relaxing! 

For those who think manicures and pedicures are only meant for special occasions, you are wrong. For some people, it's not just a luxury, it’s a necessity! If you’re not careful with caring for your skin during the wintertime, you may risk experiencing cracked, dry skin which can result in painful scars or sores. As you can see, mani-pedis have tons of benefits other than just making your nails look pretty and nice. Going to a salon for your nails and feet can help alleviate pain and improve your skin for the better.

Unwinding in a nail salon is forever a must do you should put to your To-Do! Nail technicians are a great help in deciding what would be best for you, whether in terms of color choices or skin treatment, they can give you their expert advice on what can better suit you and your needs. Having a manicure or pedicure is one of the top alternatives to a body massage and helping you feel beautiful. Plus, providing you with some pretty nails can automatically bring a smile to your face! To get the best results, you should contact your local nail experts and see what they have to offer. You can google on the internet the closest Nail Salon in your area or can ask your friends about their recommendations, too!

A trip to a nail salon can be great bonding time with your besties: National friendship day: Fun things to do with your best friend


So now that you know the pros, let’s talk about some major cons to doing your dip manicure at a Nail Salon.

Dip Manicure

Nail salon workers and technicians are often always meeting new people and working on different clients all day, every single day. Although there is such a high demand for their services, if you are not going to a well-reputable salon or a salon that follows proper protocol, you may risk exposing yourself to unsanitary service conditions. Another thing to be aware of is that not every nail tech is an experienced nail tech, and not every nail tech will have your best interests in mind. If you are not doing your proper research for reputable salons, you may risk exposing your nails and skin to damage or an infection from just one bad experience. A nail tech who has not had proper experience or is not being attentive to your needs can be dangerous to your own well-being if you are not careful.

One risk to be mindful about are the diseases that can result from going to a salon that is unsanitary and careless in how they treat their clients. You can risk exposure to infected blood if there is an exposed cut or nip in your skin. Diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS can be a possibility. Nail salon workers can also spread fungal infections from their clients to other clients, such as athlete's foot. Another risk to think about is if a nail tech is inexperienced or negligent to your needs, you may not always get an enjoyable or even beneficial experience from a service that should feel fulfilling.

A nail tech drilling at your nail beds, causing rings-of-fire is a possibility. Or getting a service for something that doesn’t last is just a waste of money. Getting nipped or cut at the cuticle that results in bleeding can also happen. And lastly, if they are not careful in how they treat your mani-pedis, you can unfortunately get ingrown toenails or a nail infection that can be irreversible and impossible to treat.  This is one of the biggest downsides to having your Dip Manicure done at a Nail Salon, especially during this COVID pandemic. Nobody wants to get sick or get hurt. 

Also be aware of Dip flu: What you need to know about Dip Flu?


Time-consuming and does cost lots of money

Dip Powder Nails

You don’t want to invest your time and money in a dip manicure that doesn't always last long. And you also don’t want to have to go back and forth to a nail salon for touch-ups, repairs or removal! Most important of all, you don’t want to risk the health of your skin and nails due to the negligence of a nail salon to keep their place sanitary. 

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Nail Dip Starter Kit

Nail Dip Starter Kit


Dip Powder Nails Pros and Cons

Dip powder nails

Having your dip manicure done at the comfort of your home is the best solution if you’re worried about these cons! Doing dip powder at home has a lot of great advantages and you wouldn’t have to worry about these risks. Not only for us, but for our loved ones as well. 

You are in full control of how you want your nails done, and you also don’t have to worry about your nails getting damaged or hurt! Not to mention, you don’t need to worry about sharing your products with people you don’t know. No risk of retrieving an unknown infection or disease from other people. Not to mention, you can save a lot of money just by doing your nails at home. And on that note, you can change your nails as many times as you want whenever you want! Think of all the possibilities you can do and the freedom you have for your nails. Isn’t that exciting? So the question is why risk our health or waste our effort and money, while you can freely do our manicures at home? It really boils down to cost. 

It is really nice to visit your favorite nail salon and spoil yourself every once in a while, but in the long run, it's cheaper, easier, and more effective to do it yourself at home! Aside from saving up your money, you can invest your money in buying a whole bunch of affordable and beginner-friendly dip powder nail kit that you can enjoy and explore while doing your nails anytime at home! Easy as that!

Here at Double Dip, we have the best long-lasting at home dip powder nail kits which are PETA-approved to be cruelty-free and vegan, budget-friendly and easy to use. These are the best kits used for beginners and nail professionals! We have also some helpful blogs posted on our website to thoroughly help and guide you with your dipping journey! If you want to see more of these helpful articles, then keep in touch with us!

Classic Style Nail Dip Starter Kit

Classic Style Nail Dip Starter Kit


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