Refreshing Blue Trendy Nails TUTORIAL | KC Nails x Double Dip Nails

Refreshing Blue Trendy Nails TUTORIAL KC Nails x Double Dip Nails

In this article we are going to show you how to create this cute and trendy blue nail art design that you can wear this Holiday season. 

You only need some tools to recreate this design: 

Gel line art which is highly pigmented.

gel line art


UV LED lamp

UV lamp


A dotting tool or pen 

dotting tool


and Nourishing Cuticle Oil to hydrate your nails. 

nourishing oil


This mani will just take you less than 20 minutes to finish both nails. Keep reading and please don’t forget to follow us to learn and see more from Double Dip! 💕

Let’s start!


Before anything else, always remember to properly prepped your natural nails. Place your Magic Gel Tips and paint them with a nude color. So now you’re ready for Nail Art!


Do you want to know HOW TO properly prepped your nails? Read here or Watch it here.


Important notes!

💅 First, we will be using the Bellavina Gel Art Liner Collection, specifically the blue one which is number 8 and the white gel art liner which is number 9.

💅 Start with the Blue Gel Liner, do remember to remove some of the excess gel polish from the brush, in that way you can create thin and crisp lines.


You can start by doing a blue French Tip nail on your pinky. Draw a curved line from the side of your nail all the way to the center of the nails. Note: This is going to be the Smile Line for the French Tip Nail.


After you’ve created the Smile Line, carved out and go ahead fill in the rest of the French Tip with the blue gel art liner. Fix some tiny issues if possible.




These Gel Art Liners will certainly make doing your own hand painted French Tip Nails super easy! 

💙 It lasts longer compared to the other brands.

💙 The colors are so pigmented and easy to work with.

💙 It is cruelty free and it has the perfect viscosity!

Note: Quickly check if your design is exactly the same length and shape with your other hand.


Once you're done, cure your nail under the UV LED Nail Lamp for 1 minute.


After the nail is cured, take a gel polish palette that you have wherein you can place some Gel Polish on to easily pick up with a dotting tool.


Then take a small drop of the white Gel Art Liner and place it on the palette so that you can easily pick up the white polish while doing the next cloud design. 



Next, grab your dotting tool and pick up a white Gel polish and start creating your clouds design onto your pinky. 


Note: You can start watching the timestamp in the video: 02:07 - 04:00 while doing the clouds design. It is super easy to do!

Optional step: Once you’re done and you're satisfied with your clouds design, take a small square thin brush and start tapping the bottoms of the clouds and gently blend out the Gel Polish to make the cloud design look more natural.


Once you’re done, cure for 1 minute again.



For the next nail, use the same Blue Gel Art Liner and start creating a chequered nail art design. You can either create a big or small chequered nail art design. Just be creative and do you! 😍

Start by drawing a line going down the center of the nail and then draw a straight line going off to the side and go ahead fill in that square with the gel art liner, just like what she’s doing in the video, timestamp 4:30.


Then move out down the nail a little bit and draw another square on the opposite side of the previous square, so just draw the line off to the right side of the nail and once you’ve had the outline of that square just go ahead and fill it in. Repeat the same steps to do another square on the left side of the bottom of the nail.



Once you’re done, cure under the lamp for 1 minute.



Next, draw a smiley face design. Take the white Gel Art Liner and start drawing a quick outline of a circle on the nail. 



Once you have your circle, add two lines on the top for the eyes and of course finish that smiley design with a really nice smile.



Once you’re done, cure for another minute!



For the next nail, grab the Blue Gel Art Liner and for this nail we will be doing some abstract swirls. You can start by doing on the right side bottom of the nail and draw a curved line until you reach the free edge of the nail.

Note: Thicken up the edges of the line to give it a little bit more depth.



Once you’re satisfied, cure your nail under the nail lamp for a minute.



Optional step: If you like to use different shades of one color, mix up a lighter shade of blue when doing abstract swirl nails.

Once you’ve mixed the color, add a second line next to the previous line that you just created.

Note: Go back and hicken up the edges of the line to give it a little bit more depth.


Tip: To avoid contaminating your Gel Art Liner bottle, clean the brush before you insert it back into the bottle. So if you use the same brush from the bottle make sure to clean it very well before putting it back.


Cure again for another 1 minute.



Repeat the same step but this time use the White Gel Art Liner and start drawing a swirl design to your nail.


Tip: If you want to do a thin line, you just need to wipe off the excess polish off of the brush. 


Now let’s start creating the stars. Just start by making a t-shape in the nude area of your nail. 

Then take your dotting tool and add a small dot in the center of those stars and you can also add some tiny dots around those bigger stars just to fill in any gaps.



Once you’re done just like the way you want it, cure under the nail lamp for 1 minute.



For the index nail, grab the White Gel Art Liner and for this nail create another hand painted French Tip Nail. 


Note: Make this as even as you can with the other French Tip nail, so in that way everything flows together very well.


Once you have the smile outlined, fill in the tip of the nail.



Once you’re done and satisfied with the outcome, cure your nail under the nail lamp for one minute.



Next, use the Blue Gel Art Liner and add a dot of Blue Gel Liner to the nail palette to easily pick up with a dotting tool. 

Then, take your dotting tool and use the bigger side and start adding dots over the entire French Tip nail. You can start creating an ombre polka dot effect to make it more attractive! For more tips and tricks in creating the Ombre Polka Dot design start watching from 9:50 up to 10:55.



Cure your nail for one minute once you’re done!



Finally for the thumbnail, use the Blue Gel Nail Art Liner and for this nail create a heart in the center. Start by outlining the heart and fill in it after. This design is so cute! 



Cure for one minute. Once you’re satisfied with the outcome, grab the White Gel Art Liner and make sure that you don’t have too much polish on the brush and create aye shapes on both sides of the heart.



Cure for one minute once you’ve created the eyes. Then take the dotting tool and use the small side to add two black dots into the eyes and make sure to create them evenly! 



Once you’re done, cure your nails for a minute and after the nails are cured take the Bellavena No Wipe Gel Top Coat and apply this onto all of the nails.


This Bellavena No Wipe Gel Top Coat has a great consistency! It gives your nails the perfect gorgeous shine!


Once you’re done, cure your nails for one minute!


After the nails are cured, take your Nourishing Cuticle Oil #6 and apply to all your cuticles! Always remember that hydration is the key so this step is super important, it’s time to give your nails that right amount of moisture!


And you’re done!

blue nail art design


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